Sensational Sensationail kit (see what i did there?)

Sensational Sensationail kit (see what i did there?)

As some41TZHwGCkmL._SY450_one who has had my nails done professionally a few times the thought of doing gel nails at home was a bit scar but after receiving the sensational starter kit including LED lamp for christmas ( half price in Boots over the christmas period  coming out at about £50 but still on shelves and on amazon at about £100) it was goodbye to have chinese women ripping my nails off me.

In the kit came a gel cleanser, a primer, wipes , a cuticle stick, a nail buffer , a base/top coat, 2 colours ( a cheery colour and a baby pink), 2 nail glitters( as you can see in the picture i went a little bit glitter crazy but it’s optional) and the LED lamp.I am aware that some other k41j4n1matzLits only come with one colour  at around £70 and another refill kit for the potions is also available but this full kit was such a bargain!

As someone who is cack handed at nail painting at the best of times i was impressed by the kit immediately.The color goes on as smoothly as a normal nail polish and is set within just 60 seconds of being cured under the lamp.As for the longevity of the polish, mine didn’t chip or flake for at least 10 days , and for someone who works in retail that is a BIG deal.As for removal i have to admit (professionals cover your ears now!) i did peel them off and it did leave pretty cracked nails underneath but i am partly to blame. I’ve been told by colleagues ( we were all so excited when this offer came out at christmas) that it’s easier to just heat up normal nail polish remover and soak them so i promised my poor nails that this time i will try this.IMAG0212

Although the price is a big investment I’m finally a gel convert thanks to this kit and i am not sure i can ever switch back to normal nail polish.I am going to test normal nail colour with a layer of gel top coat to see how that lasts i will keep you updated!

For now i will keep rotating the 2 colours as new ones are a whopping £15 each! I have seen a few cheaper alternatives on amazon for merely £5 and i will see how this compare! If anybody has any good cheaper brands let    me know!

T x


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