suuuuuuuper liner

suuuuuuuper liner

IMAG0218Since the idea of a “pen liner” came out like 10 years ago with Rimmel being one of the first. I have tried every single one under the sun ,we all know they range from the £1.99 Collection to the top range benefit ones but i think i have finally found my favourite.

The So Couture Super Liner by L’oreal Paris has one of the finest nibs (yes, that is it’s new scientific name) i have encountered. Unfortunately it was a free gift in Boots for Loreal and i haven’t been able to purchase it since ( correct me if i’m wrong, as you can tell i spend by life in boots and feel too much like a traitor to venture anywhere else), so i somehow ended up spending £60 on l’oreal just to get 3 free liners ( woops!) so if you ever see any GRAB IT!Capture

Similarly to the Maybeline Master Piece liner, this liner has a flexible ,yet somehow even thinner,nib which is perfect for cat eye flicks as you can see me sporting in my picture (very soberly…NOT).And even on days when i can’t be bothered to wear my liner the nib is thin enough to create a lash-hugging barely-there line!IMAG0221

The only downside is that the liner does last THAT long so at the end of the night  I do end up looking a bit pander-y but don’t we all?!

T x


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