purple drain

purple drain

So I recently had a bit of a nightmare with the ever popular Touch of Silver hair toner. At work I have seen people with varying shades of blonde to the whitest of white buying this product.

Due to an unforeseen problem with hot water DURING (yes during- you can imagine the horror) my shower, I decided to take some time to leave the toner in my hair- something which is encouraged by many of the users to allow time for the toner to wash out any brassiness is yellow-ish blonde hair. So I’m sat their in my towel in front of all my flat mates for what must have only been 10-15 minutes and someone shouts “Tamsin why is your hair blue?!”.

I rush to the mirror to see that indeed the ends of my hair (which in fairness are the lightest shade of my hair – lots of different dyes over the years have left my hair in a  miserable state) have a slight blue/green tinge which even when i wash my hair twice remains slightly. Now I understand that this is a possibility  with hair but I have seen you-tubers leave this product on for up to half an hour to achieve an ashy tone to brassy hair so why me?!

Although it’s not THAT noticeable it’s definitely not the result I wanted and I think for now I will leave the purple to stain my unfortunate bath tub – much to my mother’s annoyance!

How is the product for everyone else?



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