£1 lipsticks with a secret

£1 lipsticks with a secret

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about MUA, one of the cheapest yet surprisingly good make up brands available online or exclusively at (i hate to say) Superdrug.One of their best features is the price of their make up with lipstickIMAG0234s ranging from only £1-£3 and foundation from £3-£5.

I could not help but try the £1 nude lipstick called Bare!With the ever growing want for Kylie Jenner big nude lips I am attempting several different nude shades over the next week weeks starting with the cheapest.

top is the main lipstick and the bottom is the matter and lighter mini pot!

The colour is surprisingly pigmented and shows up quite well but comes out slighlty darker than i would have wanted for a “bare” look but it is a lovely colour with tones not too orangey which i tend to find with a lot of nudes.Unlike IMAG0238the Jenner look I hoped for ,it was too sticky and shiny but i do enjoy wearing it as my lip feel moisturised as opposed to the dry feeling of certain matte lipsticks.As it’s so “slippy” however it doesn’t tend to last too long so I pair mine with the Max Factor Lipfinity Balm to help it stay.

But I have big news… PREPARE YOURSELVES LADIES… me and my bestfriend have been buying the MUA lipsticks for years as I am sure many of you have but how many of you know IMAG0245about the secret extra colour you get?! The bottom of the lipstick which most believe just to show the colour of the lipstick is actually a mini pot of what I can only describe as more lipstick .This one came out at a much lighter and matter colour which I loved and was surprised was!Although the pot is so tiny you can only fit your pinky or a lip brush in it is definitely worth using, so if you own any of these lipstick unscrew the bottom and enjoy!

So I haven’t quite ended up with massive Kardashian worthy nude lips but with my purse only £1 lighter I can say this is a must buy!

T x


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