IMAG0289After reviewing the £1 MUA lipsticks I decided to try more from the affordable range.I ordered the F9 brush ,the Luxe power brow,the Undress your skin (which was on offer across it’s website) Shimmer Highlighter, the MUA Luxe velvet lip lacquer in Halcyon – which i will review tomorrow .I was disappointed to pay £3.60 for standard delivery from the website but I knew some of these items aren’t available in my local Superdrug and it did come very quickly!

Firstly i will start with the brush.As a boots worker i walk past the real technique brushes nearly everyday and have been restraining myself from buying them for years purely because I know i can’t afford them so my smart headed student side decided to try this £5 flat brush instead( it sort of counts as saving…sort of).I have IMAG0279to say i am very very impressed.Normally I apply my foundation with fingers but i don’t really enjoy doing so but with this brush I achieved an even finish, it’s shape allows you to cover large areas such as the neck and cheeks and use the corners to get to smaller places.A few of the reviews   I read of the brush state that the handle broke after a while but customers were so impressed by the quality of the bristles that they still gave it 5 stars!For such a good pricei think i will stick with this brush for a while and (sorry superdrug) save my boots points for the real techniques in the future.

Next we have the Power brow, which comes with a brow crayon at one and highlighter at the other- efficient!I chose fair ( I believe there was medium brown and dark also)but I do have very ashy eyebrows so was skeptical as to how the colour came out but once applied they match quite well. The crayon has quite a waxy consistency IMAG0280which I am not used to (as i usually use powder) but it’s not that noticeable.The highlighter is such a cute touch and gives a nice shimmer- but don’t use too much!

I have just got bag from going out and my boyfriend complemented how well all my makeup had stayed on so BONUS!I will review the other items tomorrow but I am so far very impressed by such an affordable range!

T x



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