Don’t believe everything you read on the internet- skinmiso review

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet- skinmiso review

IMAG0307I am sick of scrolling through pages of rubbish on my facebook nowadays (why didn’t someone stop me from like a million facebook pages when i was 13?) however when i came across one post advertising Skinmiso blackhead remover kit i thought maybe i’d found something remotely interesting. I read up on a few reviews about the korean faceย kit( which consists of a 2 stage nose mask and “silky essence”), there were many good reviews with step to step how-to-use guides .I searched and found it to be quite cheap on ebay and ordered myself it.Please don’t remind me how much of a bad student I am – I already know ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

IMAG0309 (1)
I scared a few flatmates in the process.

It arrived surprisingly quickly and although all the instructions were in Korean (how annoying)I was very excited to try it, for around ยฃ15 I received 4 of both stages a tube of the silky essence as well as a free sample of BB’s all-in-one cleanser which was nice. In all the reviews I’d read people had said that after the first nose mask,which you leave on for ten minutesย I should see the sebum come out of any bleak heads (gross, I know) and you should be to remove it with an ear bud(which I believed was meant to come in the kit) or the Skinmiso black head remover which could be bought separately however Iย haven’t really noticed anything like that, just a sticky nose from such a sticky strip.The probably only good thing about the kit is the silky essence that it includes, it has the consistency of a primer and blurs out skin similarly to the popular Porefessional by Benefit which i will probably use under my make up for a while as it is a decent size tube.

I am now on my 4th week of the treatment but am not very impressed in terms of any long term reduction in black head appearence and still have what some call a “strawberry nose”:(

If anybody knows of any good products to help relieves the little buggers I’d love to hear from you!

T x


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