IMAG0289I hope everyone had a nice valentines day!

So concludes the second half of my MUA haul, looking at my first impressions of the Velvet lip lacquer in Halycon and shimmer highlight.


Halycon swatch

When the lip lacquer arrived I was impressed with its box packaging ( as seen above).I have read many blogs raving about the product but I am still unsure.When applying you have to work quickly as it is fast drying so it’s better to do little bits of the lip rather than trying to perfect the pout in one swipe, to avoid any mistakes that could be difficult to get off.The colour came out a lot more orange than it appears in the bottle and as someone with such pale skin I was hoping for a more blue-ish undertone. It’s hard to deny that this lacquer DOES become very matte which is great – when you first put it on it is very sticky and hard to believe it will actually dry.The lacquer passed the eating, drinking and kissing test however after an hour or so I found it quite drying and it actually highlighted any cracks in my lips. I would not recommend this lacquer for the winter season unless you have a really good lip routine such as scrubbing to get rid of any dead cells that the colour clings to. But all in all it did last a very long time, I would buy this again but I would reconsider which colour I would choose.

It’ hard to see but I love the shimmer it gives.
It’s hard capture but this is the pink toned shimmer

Many people have been raving on about the Undress my Skin Shimmer highlighter and with a reduced price of £2.25 off the MUA website I could not resist. I opted for the pink toned one to match my skin(there is a golden one for those with tanned skin).It is hard to capture just how good this product is on camera but I love the glow it gave my cheeks however it is rather shimmery- for those who don’t like an OBVIOUS highlight I probably wouldn’t recommend but I personally like it. I didn’t have to use a lot of the product as I just quickly swept my cheekbones and fore-head so I can imagine that this product could last many years!

T x


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