Pink hair a la Frenchie from Grease

Pink hair a la Frenchie from Grease

CaptureFor Christmas i received the cutest little bauble set which contained a small bottle of a Bleach london dye and hair tie. The usual price for the bottle is Β£5.00

I have been wanting to try the Bleach London range for ages but now I have been left dissapointed. The colour I received was Rose and was excited to try a baby pink dip dye. I have had pink hair a few times,mostly it was raspberry coloured pink but I always preferred it when it had faded to a baby pink.

I did as the instructions said and waited the amount of time and when i had finished drying my hair I had cute baby pink ends thanks to my badly bleached white blonde ends. I got loads of compliments on it when I put it up in a cute little pink bun!Unfortunately after just one wash no single trace of pink was left, despite the bottle stating it is meant to last 2-10 washes- I didn’t even have time to take a picture of it! I would give the colour high scores but to go to all that effort for one day of colour just doesn’t seen worth it, next time I will stick to my XXL colours – who do amazing bright colours but little in terms of pastel colours.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to get better results, let me know as it did come out a cute colour

T x


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