I let boys do my makeup!

I let boys do my makeup!

So it’s friday at Uni and I hear music blasting and drunk people everywhere, what do i decide to do? Challenge my boyfriend and flatmates to the makeup challenge, I let each one raid my makeup bag and make me look my best…..sort of.IMAG0261

First contender we had Ben (known as Grandad) who, after breaking an eyebrow pencil and putting foundation on my lips, went for an… “editorial” look. Although I was impressed with his lip lining, the eye-shadow was just a bit much for me, in fact I just look like I’ve got two black eyes but I give him credit for going for an edgier look. Grandad was very happy with his overall look…..somehow.




Next we had my boyfriend Ben, who strangely knew how to use every bit of mymakeup, who even attempted to contour (is it IMAG0264_1normal for an 18 year old guy to know how to contour?) yet he didn’t quite understand that bronzer can go on other parts of the face, leaving me looking a bit ghostly(sorry Ben xx).Ben went for a natural look…until he got to the blusher. After using liberal amounts of blusher, he stated “I like the rosy cheeks look” and it definitely looked like he did.





My friend Chris was surprisingly confident as he stepped up to the podium.He IMAG0265_1 (1)opted to not use any brushes and used his fingers to blend- he even insisted that he blended the foundation into my neck. What let him down was his fear of my eyes, after nearly poking my eyes out he decided to go for “barely there” mascara.Upon discovering that cream blusher exists, he got a little bit too excited, I feel I have opened his eyes to wonderful world of makeup.Strangely, he chose to use lip balm instead of any colour but overall he seemed pleased.



It was a close choice between Ben and Chris, they both tried really hard and wentIMAG0268 for a natural ever-day look.Purely for Ben’s effort of using the old Max Factor Β lip stains neatly I announced him the winner with Chris in close second and Grandad very, very last (as punishment he received his own personal make-over in which I discovered he has wonderful cheek bones.)

Let me know what you think

T x


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