Benefit RollerLash mascara!

Benefit RollerLash mascara!

IMAG0344After searching through the entirety of Hertfordshire to find this month’s copy of ELLE magazine I finally have my sample of Rollerlash! After nnnnnearly being persuaded to buy the full version in the Benefit shop near where I live for over £20, I am glad I can test it for the £4 the magazine cost (although I do not really read ELLE, give me a celeb gossip magazine anyday!)

The mascara claims to be a curling wand, something which doesn’t seem to be theVIDEO0026_0000003560 main function of a lot of brushes, usually it’s plain old volume or length. I went at this mascara with un-curled eyelashes( a huge rarity for curler addict such as myself) and was pleasantly surprised at how fanned out my lashes were and indeed curled, even Ben said so! (I definitely think i get him wayyy too involved with my makeup).

At the full retail price of this item of £19.50 I would definitely splash out the cash to scoop up this new product….if I had the money, but for now I am happy enough with my drugstore mascaras and keep dreaming that one day I will earn enough Boots points to splurge on Benefit!

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3 thoughts on “Benefit RollerLash mascara!

      1. I love your blog 🙂 the full rules are in the post, but you create a post, answer the 11 questions I asked, nominate 5 – 11 other blogs and ask them 11 questions 🙂
        ~ The Mechanic x


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