Whenever I think of the shop Wilkinson’s I am reminded of the last days of summer scrambling to get last minute stationary. I never thought 10 years down the line, I’d be buying beauty products from there. Recently on a visit to the nearest city (living in the middle of nowhere without a wilkinson’s or even a topshop sucks!) I discovered some of Wilkinson’s astonishing deals and had to share some of them with you!

Firstly I discovered that they sell older stock of the brands Rimmel , Max factor, Essence (which is rare to find in the UK as far as I am aware), Collection, Maybelline and Sally Hansen in selected stores. Some items were on different offers which made them cheaper than in some drugstores. Although as Wilkinson’s isn’t a beauty store, they never seem to have the correct/usable testers but you can definitely find a bargain.

Next I found their beauty accessories, most impressive was their own brand 88brushes and applicators.I found a dupe of the Beauty blender at half the price and even more surprising dupes for the Real techniques brushes, even with the recognizable gold handles. There is a huge range of brushes including stripling Β brushes, contour brushes, slanted eyeliners brushes and so many more.I didn’t buy any of them as I am trying to put myself on a makeup-buying ban at the moment (cue poor student comment) 9however they have some amazing reviews on the website. I feel like when I suddenly win the lottery or an extended overdraft some of these brushes will be on my wishlist to try.

Next (at this point I’m running down the aisle practically throwing my money around) I find Wilkinson’s extensive range of their own brand skincare range. There are two types, SKIN and Kiss. SKIN reminds me of the sort of ranges you’d find in Boots. There is cleansers, washes, scrubs, moisturizers and any other product you need all in different skin categories. I went for a pore minimizing face scrub (for just 95p may I add!!) which I have been using with my new N07 Face cleansing brushnj (Review to come soon) – what was that I said about a spending ban?And have found it just as good as some branded scrubs I have. The Kiss range is more fragrance based beauty Β such as light-reflecting Primers and face masks than industrial moisturizers and cleansers. The cute packaging enticed me straight away ( what can I say? I just love pink!)

Please let me know if you’ve tried any of these Wilkinson’s Product! I loved finding these products and I hope letting the cat out of the bag about these product can save some people some money!

T x


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