So this is something a bit different to my usual posts, but here I am, nearly at the end of my first year at Uni with a few words of advice for all of you.It’s been a crazy year and I’ve had loads of ups and downs but I honestly recommend Uni to anyone who considers it.Here is some of my advice:

  1. Try something new (trying to avoid sounding cliche here).There is a ridiculous amount of options available to a fresher, from the nudist society to badminton club.My biggest regret of fresher’s week is not signing up to anything, although I have attended some slightly embarrassing but fun Yoga sessions. Nobody at Uni knows who you are so it’s your opportunity to be whoever you want to be. It doesn’t even have to be a society,  try making a recipe you’ve never tried or dye your hair, these are the years for trial and error!
  2. If you’re not happy, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. This is the advice I would be screaming at myself  a year ago, if I could. I hated my old accommodation halls as I didn’t get on with the people. I spent months being miserable and having nobody to hang around with but one day I emailed the accommodation office
    Me and my flatmates- totally sober.

    inquiring if there was a possibility of moving flat and BAM my whole Uni experience changed. I now live with all my best friends and couldn’t be happier. I am also changing course next year as this one wasn’t quite right. Just because you put down one course on UCAS doesn’t mean you’re obliged for life. It’s OK to try around with different things, they can’t expect us to get it right every time! There’s always someone to talk to to find a solution for anything.

  3. Expect things to go wrong – everyone thinks that everything is going to perfectly but no, you WILL burn your toast, you WILL miss a lecture and you WILL spend too much money. but it’s OK 🙂
  4. Don’t rely on your friends/Boyf- This sounds so harsh but it’s true.If you’re lucky enough to have people you know go to your Uni, don’t expect them to be there 24/7, you HAVE to make some new friends by yourself. Also it’s inevitable that you’ll grow apart from some friends back at home, everyone has their own life. I keep in touch with about 3 of my old friends who make the effort and that’s normal. Some people I know base their decision of uni (eg where) based on their relationship and I think that’s silly, if you trust your relationship enough you’ll be fine.
  5. HAVE FUN, You’ll experience things that make you think “what a waste of the whooping 9k we are paying to be here” but it WILL be the best time of your life. 3am trips to MacDonald? A picture of you kissing the ugly guy in a club? Terrible memories of a sambuca-fueled night? Frying pan ping pong?It’s all part of the experience!
  6. Oh, you should probably get some work in at some point too.

T x


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