IT’S SUMMER…. apparently

IT’S SUMMER…. apparently

imagesThis Sunday in the UK marks the official beginning of Summer. It’s time to buy the holiday essentials before I pack for my holiday in April. Here is my wishlist of things to grab:

  1. SPF moisturizer- My favourite is the Garnier Moisture Match Illuminating Light Lotion with SPF20.! It gives my skin a slight glow and protects my skin!
  2. Hair and Scalp sun protection. One year I got a really burnt parting and every year since I am sure to protect my scalp, I also can’t stand the feeling of frizzled ( .. that’s not a word but we will go with it) hair. Boots do a small spray designed just for both of these issues and I daren’t go out without it when on holiday! Find it here
  3. Sturdy Sunglasses- Last year I went through 5 (yes, 5) pairs of sunglasses within a 2 week holiday, 3 of which my Dad sat on and broke. This year I am determined to keep them intact with a hard sunglasses case.
  4. Pumice- It’s sandal season and this only means one thing- pretty feet. I don’t have the nicest of feet so it’s nice to take an evening to treat them with a pedicure and a coat of polish.
  5. New Perfume? Well I do have to pass through duty free.. it would be rude not to.
  6. Waxing strips….Yikes. Ok it’s been spring for a while but in the UK it hasn’t exactly been “whack your legs out” weather and my legs aren’t at their prettiest. The best advice I have heard to get the smoothest pins is the shave then exfoliate your legs and then shave again!The new Wilkinson Sword hairy-legs_o_936008Snap is great for on the go !
  7. Waterproof mascara. I tend not to venture out of my flat without mascara on, for the sake of everyone else but the hassle of taking it on and off holiday is tedious.Instead, I take one waterproof with me and keep that on even if it’s not the most voluminous or lengthening. The biggest thing to remember is a makeup remover that will actually wash off waterproof mascara!
  8. New books- The ONLY time I read is by the pool on holiday. I must read 10 books in a week. This year I plan to either make my way through Game of thrones or the Divergent series.
  9. A list of cocktails to try ..I am talking slippery nipples, screaming orgasms and any other filthy cocktails I can find!

It’s 2 weeks until I fly and I am super excited … to do the pre-holiday shop that is! What are your holiday essentials?

T x


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