The protein world fiasco

The protein world fiasco

CaptureI am taking my time off revision (which BTW, is going very badly) to rant about something that has really pissed me off. After reading the post by Lottiethinks which highlights everything wrong with this situation I decided to rant. As anybody on twitter may have noticed, the latest trend has been the defacing and graffiti of the Protein World campaign for a “beach ready body” and has lead to the protests and petitions for the fitness company to remove their adverts, branding it “body shaming”.

As one of millions of teenage girls who relies upon the media to set the standards of societies expectations of women, I can only agree that this advert not only sets unrealistic standards for Women’s body (although the model herself has claimed that she has a healthy diet and agrees that people should accept their own body) but shames those who don’t already look that way. I did believe that we were finally reaching a milestone in society, in terms of body image acceptance and it’ great seeing so many people passionate about this petition.

However what I believe to be more distressing is the manor in which the company has responded to it’s opposers . The twitter page for the company (@ProteinWorld) and it’s supporters  have backlashed, naming the disapproval #FATACCEPTANCE claiming that people who do not agree with the campaighn must, themselves be unfit and overweight. Personally, I categorise under the  “underweight” category at the GP surgery (yes, I am one of those annoying people with a fast metabolism, sorry!) and may look more similar, physically, to the campaign model than I’d like to admit, but here I am, as angry as any decent feminist about these comments, because body acceptance isn’t about one body type, surely that’s the point? By retweeting tweets such as that below, the company has chosen not to just shame those that oppose the body image they has chosen to idolise ,but to target feminists in general, this I believe to be a step too far.Capture1

What’s more, the company have chosen to retweet and comment, mocking protesters by thanking them for extra publicity ( if you’re reading this and STILL would like to try their products , go ahead but I wouldn’t by any means say that these protests have put the company under a “good” spotlight).

I believe that the company itself (although having gone about it the wrong way) are not to blame for this backlash. This is a wider issue of society having reached a point were people HAVE began to accept everybody’s bodies ( only recently has their been news of new Plus size models hitting the runway) but the media and archaic idiots are refusing to move with the ever-changing society, have regressed us back to where we began.

What do you think?

T x


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