This vandalism is totally okay

This vandalism is totally okay

love this!


Advertisements around the UK by Protein World have been seen by many, asking women if they are ‘Beach body ready’ featuring an idealised view of how the average woman ‘should’ look. However, we the public may have had enough of being told by corporations and advertisers how we should look, feel and be in our own bodies as the adverts, especially around the capital have received a different reaction – vandalism.


Vandalism is a criminal act, but whose to say is really worse? An advertisement following conformity, sexualising women, and making women and girls even more insecure about their bodies, or people expressing their views with a sharpie?


This advertisement is similar to thousands we have seen in the past, and they seem to appear every year when the sun begins to shine. When it doesn’t rain in the UK for two days straight, the entire population prepares themselves…

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