15 thing I have learnt since the start of uni

15 thing I have learnt since the start of uni

We are always told that a University education is super important but since having been a Hertfordshire for nearly a whole academic year I have come to realise there is SO much more to being an adult than lectures. Here are some of my biggest revelations (and some photos of me personally experiencing them):

  1. Putting on a bed sheet by yourself is HARD.
  2. Cheese is bloody expensive.
  3. Waking up at 3pm and still feeling tired happens…a lot.
  4. A diet of chicken nuggets and ASDA smart price yoghurts is more satisfying than you’d think.10628758_10204418602918466_2887754952028307542_o
  5. Being top of the chunder chart is a good thing… apparently
  6. Going to the library doesn’t necessarily mean any work will be done- no matter how close the deadline is.
  7. 1403529_10204418582557957_6529440355609950578_oASDA own brand vodka IS NOT a better alternative to the more expensive branded one.
  8. Adding 3 days onto any use by date is acceptable.
  9. Nicking plastic cups from a club is not theft, it’s genius.
  10. If you’re in a group on your way out somewhere singing about ZANTE CARZORLA over and over again is inevitable.
  11. Making each other cups of tea in exchange for a favour is a very serious binding contract.
  12. Never be in more than 2 club photos per night, you wake up and regret them instantly.
  13. Leaving your door unlocked WILL result in consequences.11079618_1060650747283920_2182176098826175136_n
  14. Shuffling should only be attempted by masters once on the dancefloor.
  15. They are essential for pre-drinks but you NEVER own a full set of cards ( where do they all go?!)

Now these are realistically the rules of my life and I am proud….. Sort of .What have you learnt from University?

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T x


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