My Tattoo Experience

My Tattoo Experience

So it’s June! I have finally finished University and have settled back into my lonely days of reading blogs and Netflix marathons back home. As a treat to myself, I decided to get a tattoo, a small and hidden tattoo, but a tattoo nonetheless. I have been debating for a while as to whether I could commit to having something permanently on my body, but when an offer came up in my local studio I couldn’t help myself. My tattoo is of a small rose on my ankle- loosely inspired by Beauty 11289651_10153008148444891_1410179025_nand the Beast ( taking my Disney Β obsession one step further). I had Β a few people asking me why I had a rose and I think there seems to be expectations of deep meanings and anecdotes behind people’s tattoos eg deaths or births but I don’t mind admitting that I chose it because I wanted to.

As someone with piercings of a painful nature eg nipple piercings ( I can sense my readers cringing even thinking about the pain) I wasn’t overly worried about the pain initially, yet I found myself nervous walking towards the studio, even recruiting my friend to hold my hand during the experience.Β I’d love to tell you that a tattoo is painless, alas I did have a few hand-griping moments! But after a quick (and bareable) 15 minutes (of what I would describe as the pain of an epilator on really hair legs) it was done! I’ve been washing it with warm soapy water and keeping it moisturised with the baby cream bepanthan and it seems to be starting to scab (ew, I know!).

I know many people my age who start off with massive tattoos across their thighs and back, admittedly I take my hats off to them for being able to sit that long and endure the pain but personally I am glad that I have started off with a small tattoo. Although the problem now is I can see why people are so addicted!

Have you got any interesting tattoos?

T x


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