I am not fat. The start of my fitness journey

I am not fat. The start of my fitness journey

A bit about me

I am not fat… In fact ever since I can remember I’ve been the “skinny girl”. I’d be the girl that mothers would tell ” you need to eat a few cheeseburgers girl” (BTW if you ever tell people things like that please don’t, it’s just as offensive as calling somebody fat.) I believe there is a misconception in society that skinny is healthy… but I am living proof that this is not true.

The infamous chicken legs

It’s never been a problem, nobody really notices if your school trousers are a bit baggy, but since hitting my teen years it has becomes noticeable, mostly in my health and general body type, my chicken legs have always been my most hated body part.Because of my stature I’ve never been a sporty type. If people were to see a skinny girl in a gym they assume she wants to lose weight and may have some sort of body image problem. I’ve even had professionals tell me that I was anorexic due to my BMI, which I am far from, infact most people would agree that I eat more than the average person( I mostly put this down to my high basal metabolic rate). Just this week alone I have eaten out 4 times.. Lucky I know .. but these included Macdonalds, Mexican food, Chinese and a dirty hungover fry up…and now I feel rubbish and groggy.

I don’t mind how I look, obviously I can be considered lucky to be how I am when others struggle to lose weight and hate their body but recently I have been feeling pretty low about my fitness which is pretty much non-existent- my therapist flatmates are shocked by how little muscle tone I actually have. Most of my friend do at least one sport and I am pretty much the lazy one which is a funny joke for a while but when I look back is pretty bad. Recently I realised how my bad lifestyle has affected my health, I feel sluggish and lack energy pretty much all the time and my fitness is beyond shocking ( we are talking asthma attack if I run up the stairs bad!).

For years I have excused my lack of exercise with my fears of being judged, my asthma and my joints ( I have hyper-mobile ankles which can be really painful when I attempt to run) but now, as I reach crucial stages of my life (eg becoming independent at Uni) it’s time to accept the fact that these are excuses and I am infact just lazy.

I am planning to try and make some small improvements to help me take my first steps to being a healthier and happier me by setting Β myself some weekly goals.

My goals for this week are to:

  1. research some local pay as you go fitness sessions
  2. NOT eat in another restaurant
  3. try and eat my 5 a day
  4. No crisps 😦

If anybody is reading this ( if not, hi future me and thanks for being my only reader) feel free to join me on this new journey and let me know if you have any good tips for easy at-home exercises for muscle tonality and some healthy easy-to-makeΒ lunchΒ choices?

T x


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