My visit to Leeds and Leeds Haul!

My visit to Leeds and Leeds Haul!

Hi all! Hope you are all enjoying our rare nice weather! Today’s post is my first ever fashion related post so please bare with. This week I travelled up to Leeds to help my friend move from Uni halls to her new house which i super exciting and explored the wonderful city. It’s an amazing city for shopping and I loved the many food places!AmT5EYQJwtOaYXdjvggoSBJ517kvZ9VEb2oZQl6f7y9G

We visited a place called The Joint,Β which is a cool cafe/restaurant based in an old church and styled in a way that I can only imagine is acceptable in such a vibrant place as Leeds.

We also visited the cutest place called the Bakery, a stones throw away for the university campus, and tried THE nicest combinations of sandwich fillings known to man. I tried chicken,sweet potato and bacon and was in food heaven. If I was a student in Leeds I am sure I’d visit there everyday.

Now for shopping, as I live in small Hatfield during term time, I never experience the range of shops that Leeds have.I was loving life as I explored The Trinity shopping centre. Some of my favourite buys include:


  1. 2 cute crop tops from ARC sale – a shop in which I adoredAnPpsk3M6acYKk0UAwMHsLFlSXb06_ZHaRCFmUo16cDq
  2. A brightly patterened cut out top from New Look
  3. My first ever KIKO eyeshadow in 208 ( one matte and one shimmery purple in one due pot) – the shop had an up-to-50% sale on and i couldn’t resist! -I look forward to trying more of this brand.
  4. Some gorgeous cut-out chunky heeled boots from the Topshop sale!

I already know that I will be visiting Leeds again and my bank account is already shaking at the thought of my next trip. What is your favourite thing about the city?

T x


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