ASMR- a non-contact brain massage

ASMR- a non-contact brain massage

Hello all, I apologise for lack of posts this summer but I have just been super busy.Today’s post is about Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, otherwise known as ASMR. Despite it’s scientific name, it is actually a phenomenon based on tingles, a sensation felt in the peripheral senses in the head or back, in response to a stimulus which can be sound, touch or visual. If you’ve ever used a head massager and experienced a “brain orgasm” (as it was known as before it had a scientific name) you may have experienced ASMR.

My favourite ASMRer Fairy Char ASMR

I came across ASMR on youtube as I looked for makeup tutorals online (something I find myself doing more often than I would like to admit) and clicked on one with ASMR in the title. At first I was confused by the soft speech of the youtuber and just thought it was a quiet microphone but as I watched I felt very relaxed and realised for many years I had watched tutorials of woman applying make up not only for the cosmetic knowledge (although I have picked up a lot throughout the years) but I was relaxed by the woman’s voices and the thought of somebody applying make-up to my face (something which I have always found extremely relaxing).As I began to click through ASMR videos and believe me when I say there are hundreds, I realised this was something I would benefit from. Since then, when I am particularly stressed or struggle to sleep, I put my earphones in and fall asleep to one of the videos.

The videos across the internet vary in theme largely with many being based on roleplay eg visiting a spa or having an ear test. By basing the scenarios in everyday situations the videos aim to relieve anxiety should an anxiety sufferer come across these situations but personally I like the spa/makeup ones.

Although, as can be seen by the view count on the videos that is an upcoming phenomenon that is becoming more and more popular, ASMR has no scientific proof but has been used for relaxation techniques for many sufferers of panic attacks and anxiety.

Have a watch of some of the videos and let me know what you think,

T x


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