My fundraising journey

My fundraising journey

Hey everyone,

So I know literally nobody reads my blog, but one thing I have learned is how close the blogging community is and that’s why I need your help.

imagesI’ve decided to embark on a challenge that will be the hardest thing I’ve ever done, I am planning to WALK THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA, in aid of fundraising for ChildReach International, an amazing charity who help children less fortunate than most in our country. Currently, they are helping to rebuild school for those destroyed in the Nepalese earthquake disaster.


The Hike on the wall will take 7 days and will probably kill me but my aim is to raise £2985 (some of this will go towards the trip expenses)for this charity, and boy, that’s a lot of cake sales. So far (at time of writing) i have reached £600 which in itself is so impressive, and although every day I get more excited about China, the huge target is always at the back of my mind (I have even asked for donations whilst drunk).

Our first of many cake sales for the University of Hertfordshire christmas fare.

For just £1 a 1Kg bag of seeds can be bought for farming school schemes in Africa, so imagine the impact us bloggers can have if we all swapped one make up purchase (which I know all of us spend more on then we’d like to admit ;)) this month in place of a donation for this charity. Donations can be pledged on my giving page here : Donations

Meanwhile, I’ve been at the gym attempting (attempting being operative word) and enjoying scrolling through lots of sexy practical hiking gear.

Update April 2016:  I have hit my first April target of £880 for the charity (YAY) through many raffles and public collections, but motivation is running low. Got to keep going!!

Update May 2016: I have reached over £1,000 and It’s all being pretty real now. Imagine how much a grand can help people in need!! And now we are starting to plan the China trip, got to keep going!! 🙂 I have achieved this through selling some of old clothes on Facebook, raffle tickets and a “fandom” event we hosted in my Student Union Pub- Think Marvel, Lord of the Rings and Walking dead fan -girling and guying  for charity.

Thanks you all for your time, please give this post a quick share so we can spread the word

T x


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