Hello all, welcome back to my blog! Hopefully this year I am going to start blogging some more again now that I have finally have a laptop. I have been laptop-less throughout December due you a certain milkshake incident.

This post is about Charm bracelets, more specifically Pandora. I always wanted a charm bracelet when I was younger but , embarrassingly, my wrists were always too thin for bracelets. Now, 16 years (and a few stone) later, I was blessed with a Pandora bracelet for Christmas 2014 from my boyfriend. Since, I have discovered the variety of charms available and what they can represent.

As I know all bloggers are nosey (like me) I thought I’d tell you about my charms and what they mean to me. Although it may not be the symmetrical, colour coordinated sets of charms you see in the adverts, each one has their own meaning to me.


The first charm I received, at the same time I received the bracelet, was a diamond dangly12546228_1288841397808827_1263563780_o heart. Diamonds, Hearts, expensive jewellery… he pretty much hit the nail on the head with this christmas present.




Next, just a month later, for our anniversary, Ben got me my next charm (you can surely see the trend here). As an avid tea drinker ( we are talking 6 cups a day), a teacup charm seemed very fitting and was adorable.


Next might sound a bit weird. I was going through a stage of really12562648_1288841371142163_2015542736_o wanting a tattoo. Somewhere in my mind I decided if I bought a rose charm I wouldn’t want the tattoo anymore (which was actually a pretty poor excuse to spend more money). Now, I’ve got the charm on the bracelet, and here I am with a rose tattoo.


12528748_1288841387808828_276476573_oFor my first year exams my parents bought me this our leaf clover charm when they went on holiday ( Pandora jewellery is great to buy in duty free
shops abroad!) and ever I need some luck I think of it.





As a Disney obsessive, this Minnie Mouse charm for my birthday (once again thanks to Ben) was the cutest surprise and made my bracelet a million times cuter.



12546175_1288841424475491_715188917_oOn my trip to Amsterdam with my housemates (big up Bishop’s close) I got this bicycle charm, the best souvenir without a cannabis symbol on it, from the city.






Last but not least for Christmas my parents got me this little bear, I love that it adds a bit of colour to my charm collection.



All these charms have been bought from the Official Pandora Store, as there are a few dodgy knock offs around.

I have bought bracelets as presents and I love the idea that everyone can have their own unique collection of charms with memories attached to them. Do you have any favourites of your own charms?

T x




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