Things I’ve learnt about clubbing.

Things I’ve learnt about clubbing.

Hey all,

Since turning 18 I’ve been to a fair few clubs, from Leeds to London and believe me, in my time I have seen a lot. Here at my top ten lessons in clubbing:

  1. Nightclub photographers are hired by satan to make the memory of your messy night last forever. But they are always fun to make friends with..
Having a great time with the photographer at Jellybabys Coventry
  • Jager bombs have, and always will be, a good idea.
  • Absinthe shots aren’t and never will be one.
  • Go and see all the acts at your student union, you never realise how much of a good time Cascada can give you until you’ve lived it.
FYI- best night ever!! He played a remix of frozen.
  • No matter how fancy you are dressed, it is impossible to stay classy whilst being on some boys shoulders. Believe me.. you will do it regardless
  • VKs are life- enough to keep you going when you’ve already spent Β£30 on Jagers.


  • You’d think going out on nights out with my boyfriend and 4 other boy housemates, would make me a boy repellent Β but they will still try. Pretending to be too drunk to string a sentence together, pretending to be a lesbian, forcing the boy to partake in a dance off… just some of the many inventive ways to make it obvious that you aren’t out to pull
My finest rejection caught on camera in SIN.
  • A drunken friend in the toilet is a true friend for life.
  • The aftermath after you get home from the club is the fun part. The ringing ears, the drunken snacks ( chicken nuggets anyone?!) and those who have to sleep by the toilet (sorry, Chris).


  • Everyone can shuffle when they’re drunk enough, (this is my drunken specialty).
  • A club having a cheese room is so wrong!!!(But so right)
Can anyone say “Squad Goals”?

Despite many a good night there’s still many things I have yet to experience….(Such as making it to 3am).

What’s your night out highlight?

T x


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