Why I won’t be buying a Bullet Journal

Why I won’t be buying a Bullet Journal

Hi everyone, hope all is well, I’m currently procrastinating from revision but ah well. This post is about the increasingly popular Bullet Journals that are sweeping across the Blogger community. If you haven’t heard of the trend, it’s basically the idea of keeping a reaalllyyy detailed journal based on certain themes and organisational systems.

I have been delving into the world of all you Vloggers (even though I’d NEVER be confident enough to do that king of things myself, thanks to my manly voice and un-photogenic face- I’ll stick to typing) however I’ve been enjoying watching loads of your videos  and I’ve noticed the sheer amount of the Bullet Journal videos.

Now, my opinion may be completely invalid here, as a serial hoarder and unbelievably disorganised person, but I am gonna post it anyway *insert sass emoji*. I can appreciate the amount of time and effort the users have put into their journals and, honestly it’s like art with all the different titles and colours.The main reason why I haven’t included any examples of bloggers’ bullet journals is so I don’t offend anyone or devalue the work bloggers have put into their intricate planners. However, personally (without meaning to offended anyone)…. I just.don’t.get.it.

The different sections recommended for these journals are task lists, day by day logs,  future month planners, finance planners, goals and aspirations (and so many more) plus an in-depth key system but, to me, these just seem very unnecessary and useless.  I understand the importance of a planner ( holiday dates and to do lists are my basics) but the over-complications that this scheme presents for a simple task such as remembering to call someone ( which MUST be in a specific section and keyed with a specific symbol) just seems pointless. I don’t understand the need to write down the plan for a single day (obviously trip itineraries and stuff are exceptions- planning is good) but honestly, who needs note of what they have done in a days? If I was to keep a journey, I would just have several “Netflix and Chill” days planned for the week ahead ( such an exciting life!).

Furthermore, the prettiness and variety presented by these journals (although an adorable idea) make me people seem absolutely obsessed with making it look perfect. I’ve seen whole pages ripped out or things being stuck down to cover mistakes, as if people are ashamed to make god forbid  a spelling error and all for what? The sake of a pretty looking page? I know some people love their work etc. to look nice but this seems so unnecessary and almost obsessive to me.

Maybe I don’t understand this kind of thing as it’s something severely lacking in my  extremely disorganised life and maybe I NEED this level of organisation to help my blog take off. Hats off to anyone out there who has the time/patience for these journals but I don’t think i will be starting a bulelt journal of my own any time soon.

T x



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