5 festival trends for this summer

5 festival trends for this summer

Hello all! Hope everyone is well and enjoying this rare bit of English Summer. I am currently suffering from post-festival blues after having an amazing time at the Electrical Daisy Carnival in Milton Keynes last weekend and decided to do a post about the trends I saw there and I’m sure will be present at more festivals this summer!

  1. Glitter roots…. big up the girls who just CBA to keep
    I’m not quite sure who this girl on the left was but she looked pretty sick in her buns.

    up with ever-growing roots so why not just cover them in glitter? Genius

  2. Space buns…long gone are the days of bothering with brushing hair at festivals and having it in your face, everywhere I looked, cleverly, girls everywhere have simply scrunched up their hair into double space buns, why not?
  3. One pieces…. who needs uncomfortable denim shorts? just go with a simpler (and comfier, may I add) playsuit plus less clothes to pack! Or if you’re a crazy fancy dresser at festivals, a onesie works just the same.
  4. Glitter facepaint…. face paint dots are so last season. Now it’s all about highlighting the f*** out of your face with glitter.
  5. Flower headbands…. now come on, did you really thing these classics was ever going to go out of fashion? I think not.

What festivals are you all going to? Will you be braving the glitter roots?


T x



At EDC with my friends

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