Spring Cleaning (In December)

Spring Cleaning (In December)

Hey all! Merry christmas everyone, hope everyone is well!

Today was officially my first day of the christmas holidays back home with my family, after  a pretty difficult term at university.

I entered my childhood room, which full to the brim of stuff and thought” I manage to survive at university without any of this stuff” so do I really need it here?. As a self-proclaimed (and noted by many) hoarder,I do keep a lot of things that I don’t need; I store away boxes of old cosmetics and toiliteries that I have had for far too long. After years of working in a cosmetic and toiletry stores I sure have a large collections of things I’ve bought/received in the past few years. I know more than anybody how stupid that is- many items shouldn’t be kept a year past being opened such as body lotions or makeup due to the ingredients turning/oxidising. I had to hold my breath and take on the mindset of “if I haven’t been using this now, will I really ever use it?”.

I have to admit I found such a variety of items- from old drunken photos that I had forgotten existed , the one sock I could never find the pair of and some fake tan that was 3 shades too dark for me. I couldn’t believe I even found some items of clothing with tags on that I had lost before getting the wear (alas, now two sizes to small).I was also shocked to find 5 yes, 5 old broken phones, which I’m now selling for spare parts, bonus!

After filling a big black bag with all the crap, I was left with one pile of things I couldn’t bare to throw away so now I am in a state of rediscovering all these things that I’d forgotten about- it almost feels as thought I’ve just been shopping. Next step will be donating some clothes to charity which I like to do now and again and definitely feel like is something a lot of people oversee at this time of year. Does this make me a new woman who is de-cluttered and stress-free?

Likelihood is, I’ll still be messy and disorganised and will replace all thrown away stuff with new stuff, with christmas around the corner, but one step at a time eh?

T x


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