My boyfriend- the MUA?

My boyfriend- the MUA?

Hi all, a bit of  fun post today.


17121408_10154540629799891_622657127_oSo, not to brag here, but my boyfriend is pretty amazing.  Not only does he put up with my makeup obsession, he embraces it. I’ve definitely caught him listening in on some of my youtube watching sessions (Hi @sophdoesnails videos). I knew he was the one when he bought me The Balm’s new palette when it came out because he knew how much I wanted  needed it. But when he said he was confident enough to try doing my makeup, I thought it wasn’t going to end well. After agreeing to go out in public (well to the cinema where it would be dark- but still) in whatever look he created,the bet was on and he picked his tools.





As he started on my base it was clear he’d been doing some research, deciding to use a primer and commenting on my foundation’s “coverage” although he struggled with the concept of the beauty blender. He tackled eyebrows with ease and even noted that I’d “hit pan.




A few eyeshadows in and he began to struggle with 17142187_10154540630079891_1874380120_otransition colours and the amount of available brushes because there are so damn many. It was time for eyeliner and I knew this is where he would crack- because let’s be honest don’t we all? After one attempt at a winged liner he realised it wasn’t worth it and decided to go for a safe wing-less look. A few Q-tips later and the eyeliner looked somewhat acceptable.




Surprisingly , he did an amazing job. He went for the full works including a cheeky contour and highlight. I’m going to proudly go out looking like this and from now on I’ll definitely give him more credit.   
Ps guys! I’m now working with the amazing company COCONUT LANE – you’ve probably seen them all over instagram with their beautiful phone cases, MacBook cases and jewellery! If you use my discount code tamsin20 for 20% off ❀❀❀

 T x


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