Preparing for the big wide world.

Preparing for the big wide world.

Hello all,

Welcome to 2019 (hopefully the year my blog will become world famous).

Today I write to you from the kitchen of an over-priced townhouse within campus halls on the brink of a midlife early life crisis. The concept of finishing university finally after 5 years (yep, 5 whole years), and actually returning to normal civilisation, has hit me. I’m not sure if I’ll survive a 9-5 job, I’m too used to all-nighters with 1am car trips to Maccies and Spoons’ hangovers lasting 3 days (I must be getting too old). I’ve eaten pasta bake for dinner three nights in a row and have a pile of washing taller than me but here that is the norm, or at least that is what I have convinced myself.

I suppose I should be excited, after studying for 5 years to be able I will finally be able to apply for “grown-up jobs”, after all that was what the 9k a year was for, but I am so accustomed to university life, it will be a massive adjustment. I’ll have to start swapping Glen’s vodka for wine and do adult things like pilates classes and join neighbourhood watch schemes. The biggest fear I think is loneliness, in uni you can literally make friends with people you are forced to live with or anybody else prepared to pay for your jagerbomb at the bar. How do adults make friends if not for work friends? Answers on a postcard, please.

There are some aspects I can’t wait to return to, a daily routine, getting home at 5pm to watch the Chase and homecooked meals (what a dream). Also, people who have “real jobs and a real life” can get a dog, so I’m looking forward to that, the closest thing I have had to a pet in the last 5 years was a sex doll called Sally we kept in my first house-share (RIP). Having a job will also mean money, real money not from SFE. I can’t imagine a world where I don’t live in an overdraft.

I hope the young fun-loving side of me that still exists will continue for at least a few more years, Tamsin the laugh (like Dave the Laugh from Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging but less attractive) but also still a very professional scientist. I hope music festivals and nights out still continue into my mid-twenties (especially before I hit the broody years).

I’ve met so many people and had such crazy times during my degree but I equally can’t wait for the next chapter of my life to start and I hope to the gods that I get a sick graduation photo.

Until next time,

Tam x





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