My boyfriend- the MUA?

My boyfriend- the MUA?

Hi all, a bit of  fun post today.


17121408_10154540629799891_622657127_oSo, not to brag here, but my boyfriend is pretty amazing.  Not only does he put up with my makeup obsession, he embraces it. I’ve definitely caught him listening in on some of my youtube watching sessions (Hi @sophdoesnails videos). I knew he was the one when he bought me The Balm’s new palette when it came out because he knew how much I wanted  needed it. But when he said he was confident enough to try doing my makeup, I thought it wasn’t going to end well. After agreeing to go out in public (well to the cinema where it would be dark- but still) in whatever look he created,the bet was on and he picked his tools.





As he started on my base it was clear he’d been doing some research, deciding to use a primer and commenting on my foundation’s “coverage” although he struggled with the concept of the beauty blender. He tackled eyebrows with ease and even noted that I’d “hit pan.




A few eyeshadows in and he began to struggle with 17142187_10154540630079891_1874380120_otransition colours and the amount of available brushes because there are so damn many. It was time for eyeliner and I knew this is where he would crack- because let’s be honest don’t we all? After one attempt at a winged liner he realised it wasn’t worth it and decided to go for a safe wing-less look. A few Q-tips later and the eyeliner looked somewhat acceptable.




Surprisingly , he did an amazing job. He went for the full works including a cheeky contour and highlight. I’m going to proudly go out looking like this and from now on I’ll definitely give him more credit.   
Ps guys! I’m now working with the amazing company COCONUT LANE – you’ve probably seen them all over instagram with their beautiful phone cases, MacBook cases and jewellery! If you use my discount code tamsin20 for 20% off ❤❤❤

 T x

The life cycle of a hangover

The life cycle of a hangover

It’s 12pm, you’ve reached the point of the night where you have to decide how your night is going to end. Do you stick to your one pitcher then call it a night, or do you commit your undivided attention/money/dignity and finish the night with a bang (or a tactical chunder in the spoon toilets – don’t judge me, we’ve all been there right?). Ultimately for me, there’s no real question, go hard or go home, right? All memories of previous experiences fly out the window and you focus on having a good time. Fast forward 10 hours later and your hangover is born. Nothing can prepare you for the headaches, 3 hours naps and inevitable alcohol shakes that will plague you for the whole day.

You start off waking up, convincing yourself that you’ve managed to avoid a hangover. You smugly get out of bed mid afternoon, unsure whether to make yourself breakfast or lunch or something unnaturally in-between. Looking in the mirror you realise you’re wearing last nights makeup and you’ve worn leggings to bed. To your horror you realise you spent way too much on your debit card, smashed your phone on your way home and lost you Mac lipstick, but it was a good night, right?

Come 2pm and you start to feel a nap coming on, but it’s fine, you’re not hungover, just tired right? You start to realise the thirst you’ve had, since waking up with a mouth like Ghandi’s flip flop, is not going to be solved by any amount of water or coffee. If you can muster up the strength to leave your bed to make some snacks, whether it be chicken nuggets or pizza, at least you’ve achieved that right?

By 4pm it’s time to admit it outloud, you are hungover and not just really tired. God forbid if you have to go outside and face the real world- for those who managed to do so still hanging out their arse, I salute you. 3/4 films later and you have to admit that you’ve had a wasted day and begin to question whether the 3 for £5 jager bombs were worth it (FYI they weren’t).

Surprisingly, at about 8pm you suddenly feel like a new person with lots of energy….you’ve made it through the hangover. You may actually attempt to redeem your unproductive day by doing some work but at this point you may as well just accept that you’ve sacrificed your day to the sesh. It’s been a long hard day of hangoverness but lets face it, you have to prepare for it all again the same time next week.

yours truly,

a hungover tamsin x

Spring Cleaning (In December)

Spring Cleaning (In December)

Hey all! Merry christmas everyone, hope everyone is well!

Today was officially my first day of the christmas holidays back home with my family, after  a pretty difficult term at university.

I entered my childhood room, which full to the brim of stuff and thought” I manage to survive at university without any of this stuff” so do I really need it here?. As a self-proclaimed (and noted by many) hoarder,I do keep a lot of things that I don’t need; I store away boxes of old cosmetics and toiliteries that I have had for far too long. After years of working in a cosmetic and toiletry stores I sure have a large collections of things I’ve bought/received in the past few years. I know more than anybody how stupid that is- many items shouldn’t be kept a year past being opened such as body lotions or makeup due to the ingredients turning/oxidising. I had to hold my breath and take on the mindset of “if I haven’t been using this now, will I really ever use it?”.

I have to admit I found such a variety of items- from old drunken photos that I had forgotten existed , the one sock I could never find the pair of and some fake tan that was 3 shades too dark for me. I couldn’t believe I even found some items of clothing with tags on that I had lost before getting the wear (alas, now two sizes to small).I was also shocked to find 5 yes, 5 old broken phones, which I’m now selling for spare parts, bonus!

After filling a big black bag with all the crap, I was left with one pile of things I couldn’t bare to throw away so now I am in a state of rediscovering all these things that I’d forgotten about- it almost feels as thought I’ve just been shopping. Next step will be donating some clothes to charity which I like to do now and again and definitely feel like is something a lot of people oversee at this time of year. Does this make me a new woman who is de-cluttered and stress-free?

Likelihood is, I’ll still be messy and disorganised and will replace all thrown away stuff with new stuff, with christmas around the corner, but one step at a time eh?

T x

Big Boys Don’t Cry

Big Boys Don’t Cry

Hello all, welcome back! Today’s post is a bit serious and depressing but I feel is an issue that is a bit of a taboo in society…. male depression.

After witnessing first hand the effects of depression, one thing I can’t get my head around is the social concept that man can’t appear to be “depressed”. Daily, I see blogs (predominately by females as that’s just who I tend to follow) about people’s journey through depression, anxiety etc and I find it incredible, seeing the support that is shared amongst the blogging community (and in fact society as whole) as people start to realise the true impact of mental health. Finally, it starts to become a more approachable subject, people no longer mind talking about their medication or their recovery -however this has it’s limits.

I won’t go into too much detail but a few years ago a family friend lost their life to depression, it was pretty devastating and shook my family, particularly the males. I’d never seen my dad cry before until the day we found out and to me this was pretty weird, having been brought up to be expressive of my own emotions. Had he not been sad before or had society just taught him that to cry was to show weakness?

Every day we here the casual phrases “man up” etc. but when it comes down to it people are not as accepting of mental health issues among men as they are women and therefore they don’t seek help. According to the Good Samaritans  in 2014, the highest category for suicide was among males ages 45-49. How many of these men felt that they couldn’t ask for help even within their own family?

Above is a video  (Source: WHO) my friend used to describe depression and I think it hits all the main points head on about depression, it’s symptoms and coping mechanisms. The more we talk about this subject the less of a stigma it has.

T x

My African Adventure

My African Adventure

Hey all,

SO, after after months of posting about my fundraising and the potential China trip, I reached my deadline. Unfortunately, for the China trip I had been preparing for, I didn’t hit the fundraising target that was set by the charity I was working for. However I was offered a place on another life-changing trip, working with the charity  ChildReach International to help build a school in one of the Berber Villages of Morocco. At first I was so sceptical, how could pale old me deal with going to Africa??? But I took on the challenge, booked my flights and off I went, not knowing any other volunteers going or what to prepare myself for.


Last month I returned back to England after being in Morocco for just under 3 weeks and I can’t even begin to list everything I saw and learnt on my trip but here I am attempting anyway.


One week was spent within the village, living amongst the locals, learning their way of life whilst working with other construction worker to help build walls. The money that each volunteer raised ( I managed to raise £1,800 roughly if you were wondering *proud face*) helped pay for the wages of the other builders, the construction materials, towards other project around the world and a few personal expenses. Obviously this was a daunting task- imagine little old me carrying bricks and doing manual labour. However with my team of 8 other volunteers we worked together every day making cement, moving bricks, and painting the walls, even painting a beach scene on one wall.

Life in the Berber village was a pretty big culture shock, the community live literally just on a mountain so everything requires clinging for dear life climbing. The lack of toilets or showers was probably the biggest shock: although my squat game has improved recently, going for a poo in a hole in the middle of the night to me was pretty unforgettable but to them it’s pretty normal (sorry for TMI). Another thing that surprised me was the sheer sense of belonging we felt within their community, random villagers would welcome us and our guides into their home for tea and food without a second thought, they even threw a party to thank us for our helping 20160914_125108hand at the school. The lack of internet up in the mountains probably did me good, me and the other volunteers had so much time to hang out and get to know each other- luckily we all got along so well even after 3 weeks stuck together.I have to thank ChildReach International for letting us join this amazing project and Rare Adventures for looking after us so well.

For the rest of our time we were given the opportunity to travel freely and visit the rest of the country. As someone who hasn’t done “the travelling” thing before I was pretty anxious but as group we travelled around Marrakesh and explored the Markets, visited it’s famous Ouzoud Waterfall (talk about some amazing insta photos) and then to a city called Essouria, which was more coast based, for beach days and camel rides. I tried many new things in this time; haggling in markets, cocktails on a rooftop bar and even arabic McDonalds (Exotic, I know). Whilst travelling around, I learnt a lot, mainly that I probably wouldn’t be very good at backpacking (too much walking around soz not soz , but also a lot about myself … the classic stereotype of “finding myself” whilst travelling springs to mind.


I am now back in the swing of normal life back at university and working, I didn’t even get a tan to remind me of my trip (pale people problems). There are some times when  I look outside the bus at the rainy weather outside and miss the beautiful country. I’ve taken home so many memories and (hopefully) 8 new friends. Certain westernised traditions were sorely missed; cups of tea and flushing toilets mainly. This whole fundraising experience, which I started all the way back in October last year, has been stressful to say the least but overall I am so glad I took this challenge as I never would have imagined myself doing some of the things I’ve done had I not. Who knows what this new adventurous side of me will lead to, but I know for sure now I’ve had a taste of travelling I am eager to explore more….

T x

5 festival trends for this summer

5 festival trends for this summer

Hello all! Hope everyone is well and enjoying this rare bit of English Summer. I am currently suffering from post-festival blues after having an amazing time at the Electrical Daisy Carnival in Milton Keynes last weekend and decided to do a post about the trends I saw there and I’m sure will be present at more festivals this summer!

  1. Glitter roots…. big up the girls who just CBA to keep
    I’m not quite sure who this girl on the left was but she looked pretty sick in her buns.

    up with ever-growing roots so why not just cover them in glitter? Genius

  2. Space buns…long gone are the days of bothering with brushing hair at festivals and having it in your face, everywhere I looked, cleverly, girls everywhere have simply scrunched up their hair into double space buns, why not?
  3. One pieces…. who needs uncomfortable denim shorts? just go with a simpler (and comfier, may I add) playsuit plus less clothes to pack! Or if you’re a crazy fancy dresser at festivals, a onesie works just the same.
  4. Glitter facepaint…. face paint dots are so last season. Now it’s all about highlighting the f*** out of your face with glitter.
  5. Flower headbands…. now come on, did you really thing these classics was ever going to go out of fashion? I think not.

What festivals are you all going to? Will you be braving the glitter roots?


T x



At EDC with my friends
Why I won’t be buying a Bullet Journal

Why I won’t be buying a Bullet Journal

Hi everyone, hope all is well, I’m currently procrastinating from revision but ah well. This post is about the increasingly popular Bullet Journals that are sweeping across the Blogger community. If you haven’t heard of the trend, it’s basically the idea of keeping a reaalllyyy detailed journal based on certain themes and organisational systems.

I have been delving into the world of all you Vloggers (even though I’d NEVER be confident enough to do that king of things myself, thanks to my manly voice and un-photogenic face- I’ll stick to typing) however I’ve been enjoying watching loads of your videos  and I’ve noticed the sheer amount of the Bullet Journal videos.

Now, my opinion may be completely invalid here, as a serial hoarder and unbelievably disorganised person, but I am gonna post it anyway *insert sass emoji*. I can appreciate the amount of time and effort the users have put into their journals and, honestly it’s like art with all the different titles and colours.The main reason why I haven’t included any examples of bloggers’ bullet journals is so I don’t offend anyone or devalue the work bloggers have put into their intricate planners. However, personally (without meaning to offended anyone)…. I just.don’

The different sections recommended for these journals are task lists, day by day logs,  future month planners, finance planners, goals and aspirations (and so many more) plus an in-depth key system but, to me, these just seem very unnecessary and useless.  I understand the importance of a planner ( holiday dates and to do lists are my basics) but the over-complications that this scheme presents for a simple task such as remembering to call someone ( which MUST be in a specific section and keyed with a specific symbol) just seems pointless. I don’t understand the need to write down the plan for a single day (obviously trip itineraries and stuff are exceptions- planning is good) but honestly, who needs note of what they have done in a days? If I was to keep a journey, I would just have several “Netflix and Chill” days planned for the week ahead ( such an exciting life!).

Furthermore, the prettiness and variety presented by these journals (although an adorable idea) make me people seem absolutely obsessed with making it look perfect. I’ve seen whole pages ripped out or things being stuck down to cover mistakes, as if people are ashamed to make god forbid  a spelling error and all for what? The sake of a pretty looking page? I know some people love their work etc. to look nice but this seems so unnecessary and almost obsessive to me.

Maybe I don’t understand this kind of thing as it’s something severely lacking in my  extremely disorganised life and maybe I NEED this level of organisation to help my blog take off. Hats off to anyone out there who has the time/patience for these journals but I don’t think i will be starting a bulelt journal of my own any time soon.

T x


Things I’ve learnt since joining the gym

Things I’ve learnt since joining the gym

Hey everyone,

For those of you who know me or have read my I’m Not Fat blog post you’d know I am a massive novice  at this “gym” thing. I joined in September but have been working a  lot harder more recently as I prepare for my 7 day hike hahahaha help me along the Great Wall of China, plus i love the general satisfaction in trying to look and feel fab. My relationship with the gym has been as on and off as Robin and Ted from How I Met Your Mother (PS NO SPOILERS I’M ON THE LAST SERIES), but I finally am getting in the rhythm of things, with lots of help from my sporty house mates (shout out to Ben, Grandad and Chris!) and the lovely gym, Fit4less in Hatfield (best staff around!). There are many things I have learnt along the way, here are a few:

  1. Gym clothes are hella cute. As my weekly attendance at the gym increases , so does my cute gym attire collection (naturally) and living next to a Nike Outlet store really giphy.gifisn’t helping. I mean, 6 different coloured sports bras (with matching leggings) are a NECESSITY, right?
  2. It doesn’t matter how silly you look in the gym (there’s probably someone looking sillier). I have experienced falling off the treadmill…I was mortified but then I looked around and nobody had even noticed.
  3. Not only is it physically rewarding, but the Bounts app that I have recently found, gives you points for checking in at the gym and when you complete a certain amount of steps/ exercises a day. Points means prizes (in the form of high street vouchers) and I am a sucker for free stuff. Another gym trip anyone?
  4. Quality over quantity. Over the past few weeks I have had to learn a lot of things, particularly for things like squatting (there’s a lot more to it than you think)- back position , leg angels  angles, not everybody gets it right. In fact, a lot of the big bulky scary men you may see in gym probably haven’t  perfected some of the techniques and may be putting unnecessary strain on other parts of the body. Knowing that you are using your body properly, even if it isn’t the deepest/fastest/strongest, is important.
  5. Nobody has to know what your motivation music consists of. My power playlist consists of some classic Kesha, Bon Jovi and the Pussycat dolls. Just remember to resist singing out loud.
  6. Selfies to track your progress are great for motivation but maybe when you get home. There is nothing more awkward than spotting someone taking selfies in the gym mirrors.
  7. You will hurt. The day after leg day, you WILL walk like a duck.. but in a good way. Pain in muscles is a sign you’ve worked hard, even if you do have to take three a single day rest day afterwards.giphy.gif
  8. The world of fitness nutrition is massive and expensive, if you want to try things like Pre-work outs, or Protein shakes, do your research, there a lot of factors to consider such as when they should be consumed and their different affects. My overall opinion is that they all taste like dirt but can be helpful in helping to reach a goal.
  9. There is nothing worse than someone who cannot attend the gym without letting people know about it, work hard for yourself not your 5,000 500 Instagram followers. Plus seeing other people and their fab abs makes me insanely jealous , please stop and post some potato-resembling photos like the rest of us, thanks.

What’s your fitness faux pas?

T x

Things I’ve learnt about clubbing.

Things I’ve learnt about clubbing.

Hey all,

Since turning 18 I’ve been to a fair few clubs, from Leeds to London and believe me, in my time I have seen a lot. Here at my top ten lessons in clubbing:

  1. Nightclub photographers are hired by satan to make the memory of your messy night last forever. But they are always fun to make friends with..
Having a great time with the photographer at Jellybabys Coventry
  • Jager bombs have, and always will be, a good idea.
  • Absinthe shots aren’t and never will be one.
  • Go and see all the acts at your student union, you never realise how much of a good time Cascada can give you until you’ve lived it.
FYI- best night ever!! He played a remix of frozen.
  • No matter how fancy you are dressed, it is impossible to stay classy whilst being on some boys shoulders. Believe me.. you will do it regardless
  • VKs are life- enough to keep you going when you’ve already spent £30 on Jagers.


  • You’d think going out on nights out with my boyfriend and 4 other boy housemates, would make me a boy repellent  but they will still try. Pretending to be too drunk to string a sentence together, pretending to be a lesbian, forcing the boy to partake in a dance off… just some of the many inventive ways to make it obvious that you aren’t out to pull
My finest rejection caught on camera in SIN.
  • A drunken friend in the toilet is a true friend for life.
  • The aftermath after you get home from the club is the fun part. The ringing ears, the drunken snacks ( chicken nuggets anyone?!) and those who have to sleep by the toilet (sorry, Chris).


  • Everyone can shuffle when they’re drunk enough, (this is my drunken specialty).
  • A club having a cheese room is so wrong!!!(But so right)
Can anyone say “Squad Goals”?

Despite many a good night there’s still many things I have yet to experience….(Such as making it to 3am).

What’s your night out highlight?

T x



Hello all! Now deadline season is over I can  get back to blogging a bit more!

Just before christmas my Birchbox Subscription ended and I’ve had an empty void in my heart for monthly beauty gifts. Thanks to a discount code I decided to give a new subscription with Love me Beauty. The difference with this Beauty box is that you get to choose what’s in them as opposed to most other boxes which I love, I cannot tell you how many time’s I’ve opened a box and been disappointed with pointless body lotions that get thrown in the pile.

Each month you get 60 credits (with the option of buying more) and get to choose from a  choice of beauty items and accessories, facial and body care or jewellery (which is also a nice edition to a beauty box).

For my first box I chose:

  • 12767539_10153524351104891_1246497982_n-2Front and back earrings (10 credits)
  • Eyelash curlers (20 credits)
  • Facial Oil (10 credits)
  • A bronze eyeliner (10 credits)
  • aromatherapy body wash (10 credits)


I loved the box as I knew it was things I wanted especially the earrings and the facial oil, something which I’ve never really tried. The only thing I was disappointed with was the eyeliner as it doesn’t really smudge, goodbye bronze goddess  smokey eye :(. However is a very cute substitute for a solid black eyeliner on days where I fancy something a bit different and I am confident it won’t budge all day.

A week after I ordered my box the options on the boutique changed to different options with some gorgeous liquid lipsticks, so next month I may delay my choices to see the very best stuff they have to offer.

If anybody wants to try Love Me Beauty, use the  code TAMSI577 at the checkout to get £21 worth of credits!

PS It’s my blog-iversary, thanks out there for reading for a whole year!

Which beauty box is your favourite?

T x