Sophdoesnails X Makeup Revolution: The Review.

Sophdoesnails X Makeup Revolution: The Review.

Hello all,

Long time no see! Unfortunately, as I am now on a full-time placement, I’m going to find it hard to blog a lot but today I had something I had to write about. I have been a fan of @Sophdoesnails on youtube for a good few years and was pretty excited when she announced she was releasing makeup items with MakeupRevolution and despite my attempts at saving money (I mean I already have 7 other Makeup Revolution palettes, I didn’t need it, right?), I ended up giving into temptation and buying it.  At the reasonable price of £10 and easily accessible in larger Superdrug stores, I don’t feel Soph or the Revolution team has played on the collab too much by making it inaccessible and pricey unlike other recent collab attempts *ahem* Maybelline X Gigi Hadid.


What I like most about the palette is that it is true to Soph’s channel, a lot of other YouTubers who bring out merch tend to bring out generic t-shirts (no offence to anybody who enjoys that!) but knowing her love for eyeshadows and particularly highlighter, it made sense for these to be the products she chose. I admittedly didn’t choose to buy the highlighter palette as I found it so similar to my Sleek Solstice palette I didn’t need it. The palette itself oozes value with 24 shades, a huge mirror and the aesthetically pleasing embossed rose gold logo.

Onto the palette, I love the mix of colours, both matte and shimmer, in the palette. For £10 I feel you get the ability to create so many different looks rather than them all being different shades of brown. Obviously, some colours are more wearable everyday colours (my faves including Cuppa Tea, Peaches and Pumpkin) whilst others are more outlandish such as Mixed Berries and Petrol).  I’ve always found makeup revolution palettes to be really good quality and this one is no different, the colours pack a punch and blend so easily. Below are images of the shades with flash (top) and without (bottom).


Not wanting to sound overly positive I tried to think of a negative to this palette and the only thing I could come up with was that I didn’t find it in my local smaller stores and I am aware they did sell out from the (the only other place it can be purchased) website for a short while but overall, it’s such a good palette for the price I paid and I think Soph should be very proud of what she has achieved.

Until next time!

T x

P.S this is my first blog post using my new camera. Hope the pictures have improved.

Beauty Haul

Beauty Haul

Hey all, it’s finally spring so I decided it was time for an overhaul of my makeup bag and skincare regime, out with the old and in with the new. Some of these products are quite new and have been so popular so I had to try them myself.

Firstly I bought the original Flawless palette, I originally planned to get the new Flawless 2 Resurrection palette but A) it was sold out nearly everywhere and B) I decided the colours were a bit warm for me and my pale skin. The original palette boasts a lovely array of both warm and cool colours, some brown mattes for transition colours, champagne highlighter colours and some shimmers which have amazing pigmentation.  I think, despite the recent controversy surrounding the company, I will always be a fan of their products and the value for money (this palette was only £8!).17820569_10154648846424891_1953812797_o.jpg



Next was the new L’oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara. I have previously owned the Miss Manga mascara, I loved the formula however the wand itself meant you got lots of product on the lashes which could made them clumpy, the unique design of this new mascara wand prevents this and allows for thinner coats which are build-able. I really rate it and when I bought it , it was on a cheaper introductory price. Bargain!



17838508_10154648846359891_1054356143_o.jpgMe and foundations don’t have a good relationship. I have still never found my one “go to” foundation, due to my paleness and combination skin, so as new products come out I keep searching. I decided to pick up the Rimmel London Fresher Skin foundation in “Light Porcelain”…obviously. Firstly, I like that Rimmel brave the paler shades as I do find some cosmetics companies end at “Ivory”.  I was attracted to this due to it’s claims of natural finish, SPF and “non-pore clogging” solution… that sort of claim is hard to live up to but I will see. So far I do like the light/medium build-able coverage and the way it applies.




After finally visiting the NYX store in Westfield, Stratford, (which I tell you was like animals in the wild scrapping for whatever they could get their hands on), I needed this new(ish) Lip Lingerie eye tint in “Rose Pearl”.  It creates such a lovely shimmer on the lid, is easily blended and didn’t break the bank.


Next is some skincare, following a very bad week at uni, I treated myself to a free full facial at the Liz Earle stand in Boots St Albans ( not an Ad, I just think it’s a fab service). Following my treatment I bought this set which contains their 4 bestsellers in miniature formation, tailored to skin types and it came with a free muslin cloth for the cleanser. I adore the cooling sensation of the tonic, which I have heard so many good things about. I’m always up for “try before you buy” so the idea of trying the products out before paying for the full size is fab.


Have you tried any of these products?

PS guys don’t forget I’m working with and I have my own discount code – Tamsin20 for 20% Off some of their wonderful MacBook and iPhone cases, jewellery and so much more! ❤️

T x



My boyfriend- the MUA?

My boyfriend- the MUA?

Hi all, a bit of  fun post today.


17121408_10154540629799891_622657127_oSo, not to brag here, but my boyfriend is pretty amazing.  Not only does he put up with my makeup obsession, he embraces it. I’ve definitely caught him listening in on some of my youtube watching sessions (Hi @sophdoesnails videos). I knew he was the one when he bought me The Balm’s new palette when it came out because he knew how much I wanted  needed it. But when he said he was confident enough to try doing my makeup, I thought it wasn’t going to end well. After agreeing to go out in public (well to the cinema where it would be dark- but still) in whatever look he created,the bet was on and he picked his tools.





As he started on my base it was clear he’d been doing some research, deciding to use a primer and commenting on my foundation’s “coverage” although he struggled with the concept of the beauty blender. He tackled eyebrows with ease and even noted that I’d “hit pan.




A few eyeshadows in and he began to struggle with 17142187_10154540630079891_1874380120_otransition colours and the amount of available brushes because there are so damn many. It was time for eyeliner and I knew this is where he would crack- because let’s be honest don’t we all? After one attempt at a winged liner he realised it wasn’t worth it and decided to go for a safe wing-less look. A few Q-tips later and the eyeliner looked somewhat acceptable.




Surprisingly , he did an amazing job. He went for the full works including a cheeky contour and highlight. I’m going to proudly go out looking like this and from now on I’ll definitely give him more credit.   
Ps guys! I’m now working with the amazing company COCONUT LANE – you’ve probably seen them all over instagram with their beautiful phone cases, MacBook cases and jewellery! If you use my discount code tamsin20 for 20% off ❤❤❤

 T x

5 festival trends for this summer

5 festival trends for this summer

Hello all! Hope everyone is well and enjoying this rare bit of English Summer. I am currently suffering from post-festival blues after having an amazing time at the Electrical Daisy Carnival in Milton Keynes last weekend and decided to do a post about the trends I saw there and I’m sure will be present at more festivals this summer!

  1. Glitter roots…. big up the girls who just CBA to keep
    I’m not quite sure who this girl on the left was but she looked pretty sick in her buns.

    up with ever-growing roots so why not just cover them in glitter? Genius

  2. Space buns…long gone are the days of bothering with brushing hair at festivals and having it in your face, everywhere I looked, cleverly, girls everywhere have simply scrunched up their hair into double space buns, why not?
  3. One pieces…. who needs uncomfortable denim shorts? just go with a simpler (and comfier, may I add) playsuit plus less clothes to pack! Or if you’re a crazy fancy dresser at festivals, a onesie works just the same.
  4. Glitter facepaint…. face paint dots are so last season. Now it’s all about highlighting the f*** out of your face with glitter.
  5. Flower headbands…. now come on, did you really thing these classics was ever going to go out of fashion? I think not.

What festivals are you all going to? Will you be braving the glitter roots?


T x



At EDC with my friends


Hello all! Now deadline season is over I can  get back to blogging a bit more!

Just before christmas my Birchbox Subscription ended and I’ve had an empty void in my heart for monthly beauty gifts. Thanks to a discount code I decided to give a new subscription with Love me Beauty. The difference with this Beauty box is that you get to choose what’s in them as opposed to most other boxes which I love, I cannot tell you how many time’s I’ve opened a box and been disappointed with pointless body lotions that get thrown in the pile.

Each month you get 60 credits (with the option of buying more) and get to choose from a  choice of beauty items and accessories, facial and body care or jewellery (which is also a nice edition to a beauty box).

For my first box I chose:

  • 12767539_10153524351104891_1246497982_n-2Front and back earrings (10 credits)
  • Eyelash curlers (20 credits)
  • Facial Oil (10 credits)
  • A bronze eyeliner (10 credits)
  • aromatherapy body wash (10 credits)


I loved the box as I knew it was things I wanted especially the earrings and the facial oil, something which I’ve never really tried. The only thing I was disappointed with was the eyeliner as it doesn’t really smudge, goodbye bronze goddess  smokey eye :(. However is a very cute substitute for a solid black eyeliner on days where I fancy something a bit different and I am confident it won’t budge all day.

A week after I ordered my box the options on the boutique changed to different options with some gorgeous liquid lipsticks, so next month I may delay my choices to see the very best stuff they have to offer.

If anybody wants to try Love Me Beauty, use the  code TAMSI577 at the checkout to get £21 worth of credits!

PS It’s my blog-iversary, thanks out there for reading for a whole year!

Which beauty box is your favourite?

T x




Hello all, welcome back to my blog! Hopefully this year I am going to start blogging some more again now that I have finally have a laptop. I have been laptop-less throughout December due you a certain milkshake incident.

This post is about Charm bracelets, more specifically Pandora. I always wanted a charm bracelet when I was younger but , embarrassingly, my wrists were always too thin for bracelets. Now, 16 years (and a few stone) later, I was blessed with a Pandora bracelet for Christmas 2014 from my boyfriend. Since, I have discovered the variety of charms available and what they can represent.

As I know all bloggers are nosey (like me) I thought I’d tell you about my charms and what they mean to me. Although it may not be the symmetrical, colour coordinated sets of charms you see in the adverts, each one has their own meaning to me.


The first charm I received, at the same time I received the bracelet, was a diamond dangly12546228_1288841397808827_1263563780_o heart. Diamonds, Hearts, expensive jewellery… he pretty much hit the nail on the head with this christmas present.




Next, just a month later, for our anniversary, Ben got me my next charm (you can surely see the trend here). As an avid tea drinker ( we are talking 6 cups a day), a teacup charm seemed very fitting and was adorable.


Next might sound a bit weird. I was going through a stage of really12562648_1288841371142163_2015542736_o wanting a tattoo. Somewhere in my mind I decided if I bought a rose charm I wouldn’t want the tattoo anymore (which was actually a pretty poor excuse to spend more money). Now, I’ve got the charm on the bracelet, and here I am with a rose tattoo.


12528748_1288841387808828_276476573_oFor my first year exams my parents bought me this our leaf clover charm when they went on holiday ( Pandora jewellery is great to buy in duty free
shops abroad!) and ever I need some luck I think of it.





As a Disney obsessive, this Minnie Mouse charm for my birthday (once again thanks to Ben) was the cutest surprise and made my bracelet a million times cuter.



12546175_1288841424475491_715188917_oOn my trip to Amsterdam with my housemates (big up Bishop’s close) I got this bicycle charm, the best souvenir without a cannabis symbol on it, from the city.






Last but not least for Christmas my parents got me this little bear, I love that it adds a bit of colour to my charm collection.



All these charms have been bought from the Official Pandora Store, as there are a few dodgy knock offs around.

I have bought bracelets as presents and I love the idea that everyone can have their own unique collection of charms with memories attached to them. Do you have any favourites of your own charms?

T x



My visit to Leeds and Leeds Haul!

My visit to Leeds and Leeds Haul!

Hi all! Hope you are all enjoying our rare nice weather! Today’s post is my first ever fashion related post so please bare with. This week I travelled up to Leeds to help my friend move from Uni halls to her new house which i super exciting and explored the wonderful city. It’s an amazing city for shopping and I loved the many food places!AmT5EYQJwtOaYXdjvggoSBJ517kvZ9VEb2oZQl6f7y9G

We visited a place called The Joint, which is a cool cafe/restaurant based in an old church and styled in a way that I can only imagine is acceptable in such a vibrant place as Leeds.

We also visited the cutest place called the Bakery, a stones throw away for the university campus, and tried THE nicest combinations of sandwich fillings known to man. I tried chicken,sweet potato and bacon and was in food heaven. If I was a student in Leeds I am sure I’d visit there everyday.

Now for shopping, as I live in small Hatfield during term time, I never experience the range of shops that Leeds have.I was loving life as I explored The Trinity shopping centre. Some of my favourite buys include:


  1. 2 cute crop tops from ARC sale – a shop in which I adoredAnPpsk3M6acYKk0UAwMHsLFlSXb06_ZHaRCFmUo16cDq
  2. A brightly patterened cut out top from New Look
  3. My first ever KIKO eyeshadow in 208 ( one matte and one shimmery purple in one due pot) – the shop had an up-to-50% sale on and i couldn’t resist! -I look forward to trying more of this brand.
  4. Some gorgeous cut-out chunky heeled boots from the Topshop sale!

I already know that I will be visiting Leeds again and my bank account is already shaking at the thought of my next trip. What is your favourite thing about the city?

T x