Sophdoesnails X Makeup Revolution: The Review.

Sophdoesnails X Makeup Revolution: The Review.

Hello all,

Long time no see! Unfortunately, as I am now on a full-time placement, I’m going to find it hard to blog a lot but today I had something I had to write about. I have been a fan of @Sophdoesnails on youtube for a good few years and was pretty excited when she announced she was releasing makeup items with MakeupRevolution and despite my attempts at saving money (I mean I already have 7 other Makeup Revolution palettes, I didn’t need it, right?), I ended up giving into temptation and buying it.  At the reasonable price of £10 and easily accessible in larger Superdrug stores, I don’t feel Soph or the Revolution team has played on the collab too much by making it inaccessible and pricey unlike other recent collab attempts *ahem* Maybelline X Gigi Hadid.


What I like most about the palette is that it is true to Soph’s channel, a lot of other YouTubers who bring out merch tend to bring out generic t-shirts (no offence to anybody who enjoys that!) but knowing her love for eyeshadows and particularly highlighter, it made sense for these to be the products she chose. I admittedly didn’t choose to buy the highlighter palette as I found it so similar to my Sleek Solstice palette I didn’t need it. The palette itself oozes value with 24 shades, a huge mirror and the aesthetically pleasing embossed rose gold logo.

Onto the palette, I love the mix of colours, both matte and shimmer, in the palette. For £10 I feel you get the ability to create so many different looks rather than them all being different shades of brown. Obviously, some colours are more wearable everyday colours (my faves including Cuppa Tea, Peaches and Pumpkin) whilst others are more outlandish such as Mixed Berries and Petrol).  I’ve always found makeup revolution palettes to be really good quality and this one is no different, the colours pack a punch and blend so easily. Below are images of the shades with flash (top) and without (bottom).


Not wanting to sound overly positive I tried to think of a negative to this palette and the only thing I could come up with was that I didn’t find it in my local smaller stores and I am aware they did sell out from the (the only other place it can be purchased) website for a short while but overall, it’s such a good palette for the price I paid and I think Soph should be very proud of what she has achieved.

Until next time!

T x

P.S this is my first blog post using my new camera. Hope the pictures have improved.

Beauty Haul

Beauty Haul

Hey all, it’s finally spring so I decided it was time for an overhaul of my makeup bag and skincare regime, out with the old and in with the new. Some of these products are quite new and have been so popular so I had to try them myself.

Firstly I bought the original Flawless palette, I originally planned to get the new Flawless 2 Resurrection palette but A) it was sold out nearly everywhere and B) I decided the colours were a bit warm for me and my pale skin. The original palette boasts a lovely array of both warm and cool colours, some brown mattes for transition colours, champagne highlighter colours and some shimmers which have amazing pigmentation.  I think, despite the recent controversy surrounding the company, I will always be a fan of their products and the value for money (this palette was only £8!).17820569_10154648846424891_1953812797_o.jpg



Next was the new L’oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara. I have previously owned the Miss Manga mascara, I loved the formula however the wand itself meant you got lots of product on the lashes which could made them clumpy, the unique design of this new mascara wand prevents this and allows for thinner coats which are build-able. I really rate it and when I bought it , it was on a cheaper introductory price. Bargain!



17838508_10154648846359891_1054356143_o.jpgMe and foundations don’t have a good relationship. I have still never found my one “go to” foundation, due to my paleness and combination skin, so as new products come out I keep searching. I decided to pick up the Rimmel London Fresher Skin foundation in “Light Porcelain”…obviously. Firstly, I like that Rimmel brave the paler shades as I do find some cosmetics companies end at “Ivory”.  I was attracted to this due to it’s claims of natural finish, SPF and “non-pore clogging” solution… that sort of claim is hard to live up to but I will see. So far I do like the light/medium build-able coverage and the way it applies.




After finally visiting the NYX store in Westfield, Stratford, (which I tell you was like animals in the wild scrapping for whatever they could get their hands on), I needed this new(ish) Lip Lingerie eye tint in “Rose Pearl”.  It creates such a lovely shimmer on the lid, is easily blended and didn’t break the bank.


Next is some skincare, following a very bad week at uni, I treated myself to a free full facial at the Liz Earle stand in Boots St Albans ( not an Ad, I just think it’s a fab service). Following my treatment I bought this set which contains their 4 bestsellers in miniature formation, tailored to skin types and it came with a free muslin cloth for the cleanser. I adore the cooling sensation of the tonic, which I have heard so many good things about. I’m always up for “try before you buy” so the idea of trying the products out before paying for the full size is fab.


Have you tried any of these products?

PS guys don’t forget I’m working with and I have my own discount code – Tamsin20 for 20% Off some of their wonderful MacBook and iPhone cases, jewellery and so much more! ❤️

T x



The next Clarisonic cleanser?

The next Clarisonic cleanser?

Every beauty blogger would say if they won the lottery, they would buy the (nearly £100) Clarisonic face cleanser.I decided to attempt to try the New No7  one.(yes, IMAG0396 (1)another Boots product, I should get commission for this- f.y.i I don’t 😦 )

My main issue is my pores, I have massive ones basically, on my nose and cheeks. The lovely No7 lady advised me that this would help, she said “Compare how much cleaner your teeth feel after you use an electric toothbrush, that’s how much this product will help”. £20 (with discount RRP “24.95) lighter and face toothbrush intact I had high hopes for this product.

IMAG0398 (2)The brush has two speed settings, the main difference between this and the Clarisonic brush is the fact that it is battery powered. Obviously that can be inconvenient but if this brush works for me, the £80 saving outweighs the cons!

I’ve now been using my brush for 4 weeks, alternating between three products , the perfect combination of brush and cleanser MUST exist right?

I have been impressed with this product, massively! It still hasn’t run out of battery with a use nearly everyday for 4 weeks! I am slowly seeing an affect on pores and am so pleased! I much prefer using this brush to filling a sink and splashing myself (and everything else in the process)

I was advised to change the heads in 3 months and as far as I am aware there are only one type of heads (unlike the Clarisonic) .IMAG0397But at a cheap price I am happy to continue using my cleanser.

A couple of BIG things to consider with this brush:

  • It ISN’T waterproof
  • It is very unuitable for dry skin- I used it on my forehead ( which is where  appear to experience my only dry skin patch and boyyyy was it a mistake)
  • There are 4 (yes, 4) warnings within the packaging to tell users to not put the device near the hairline- I guess in testing there was a lot of knots and tangles!

Overall I would recommend this product to anyone who asked as it can save you doller and does what it says on the packaging. Have you tried it?

T x



Whenever I think of the shop Wilkinson’s I am reminded of the last days of summer scrambling to get last minute stationary. I never thought 10 years down the line, I’d be buying beauty products from there. Recently on a visit to the nearest city (living in the middle of nowhere without a wilkinson’s or even a topshop sucks!) I discovered some of Wilkinson’s astonishing deals and had to share some of them with you!

Firstly I discovered that they sell older stock of the brands Rimmel , Max factor, Essence (which is rare to find in the UK as far as I am aware), Collection, Maybelline and Sally Hansen in selected stores. Some items were on different offers which made them cheaper than in some drugstores. Although as Wilkinson’s isn’t a beauty store, they never seem to have the correct/usable testers but you can definitely find a bargain.

Next I found their beauty accessories, most impressive was their own brand 88brushes and applicators.I found a dupe of the Beauty blender at half the price and even more surprising dupes for the Real techniques brushes, even with the recognizable gold handles. There is a huge range of brushes including stripling  brushes, contour brushes, slanted eyeliners brushes and so many more.I didn’t buy any of them as I am trying to put myself on a makeup-buying ban at the moment (cue poor student comment) 9however they have some amazing reviews on the website. I feel like when I suddenly win the lottery or an extended overdraft some of these brushes will be on my wishlist to try.

Next (at this point I’m running down the aisle practically throwing my money around) I find Wilkinson’s extensive range of their own brand skincare range. There are two types, SKIN and Kiss. SKIN reminds me of the sort of ranges you’d find in Boots. There is cleansers, washes, scrubs, moisturizers and any other product you need all in different skin categories. I went for a pore minimizing face scrub (for just 95p may I add!!) which I have been using with my new N07 Face cleansing brushnj (Review to come soon) – what was that I said about a spending ban?And have found it just as good as some branded scrubs I have. The Kiss range is more fragrance based beauty  such as light-reflecting Primers and face masks than industrial moisturizers and cleansers. The cute packaging enticed me straight away ( what can I say? I just love pink!)

Please let me know if you’ve tried any of these Wilkinson’s Product! I loved finding these products and I hope letting the cat out of the bag about these product can save some people some money!

T x