12 things I’ve learned​ from Love island 2017.

12 things I’ve learned​ from Love island 2017.

So this year more than ever the programme has been massively successful and appears to have sparked the interest of pretty much everyone from Stormzy to Philip Schofield. I’m sure nobody has been able to avoid the programme and if you have then you’ve really missed out. From memes to Primark t-shirts to #muggy these are the things I’ve learned from this year’s Love Island.

  1. Finding a friend who is happy to be tagged in memes (and tag in return) is truly a friend you need in your life. The enjoyment of the programme doesn’t have to stop at 10 pm, you know when you get that notification that your day is about to be made.
  2. The whole of my summer has been planned around my 9 pm plans with my sofa and snacks;  chance of getting stuck in traffic at 8.50pm? Oops, can’t make it.
  3. The SUN publishes so much shit, Let’s burn it!…. Unless they have the inside scoop on whether Mike and Jess really did bang and then I’ll consider buying it.
  4. Jess and Dom have become the biggest celebs in the UK, or so they think. If you’re lucky you might catch them on their UK club tour but unfortunately, they’re so busy they have no meet and greets planned on their days off. #wearealreadyoverit
  5. Feminism isn’t dead. That infamous argument between Johhny and Camilla reminded people that women on game shows can still have strong feminist opinions and defend themselves. Cam honey, You’re doing amazing.
  6. Everyone’s remembered how much they used to love Blazin’ Squad. But definitely not just because they love Marcel, right?
  7. Every girl has had to deal with a Craig in their lifetime. For at least a week we were all cringing at his lines to win her affections, my personal favourite was “I’ve only come on this programme for you”. Luckily his stalker vibes didn’t sway her #jamillaforever
  8. The results are in and the new top names for babies born in 2018 are indeed Cash (Hughes) and Star (Sign).
  9. Shoutout to our favourite polar bear/easter egg/Brother/rapper Chris. You know you’re our real winner.
  10. The whole of the UK is still undecided if Theo was an absolute dickhead or the best joker around. Booping Camilla around the face with his wang might have made up for his joke about Tyla leaving with Johnny.
  11. Being gutted that we never got to see Chloe’s ex John entering the villa and fucking shit up.
  12. If “A little bit leave it” isn’t Christmas #1 2017 then the world is messed up.

Anyway, whoever wins tonight (my guess is Kember), we can’t deny it’s been a good few weeks of solid British entertainment and now we will all go back to aimlessly trying to fill our evenings whilst still shouting “TEXT” whenever we get a text and using the phrase  “100% my type on paper” in our daily lives.

T x