10 things I’ve learnt about going home during Easter.

10 things I’ve learnt about going home during Easter.

Hey everyone,Β I hope this term has treated people well and you’re all lucky enough to be able to go home for at least week for Easter. These are all the things I learned about that awkward 2 weeks you get off from uni.


  1. Pre drinks are so awkward…. Unless someone lucky enough to have a “free house” or just has pretty cool parents who don’t care, there’s basically nowhere to pre drink. The only option?Β Heading to a spoons before heading to an equally shit nightclub in your hometown, spending your night constantly asking people how uni is going even though you can’t even remember what they study.
  2. You never remember how much you hate your hometown until you go back and bump into everybody that you vowed to never see ever again.
  3. Hungover days are the worst…. Younger siblings don’t have the same level of understanding when you’re half dead, as you uni housemates. You’ve got no-one Β to give you sympathy or be hungover with you, just a younger brother who makes things worse.
  4. Coming home after a night out just isn’t the same…. I love coming home after a night out and continuing the party infact some of best memories are post-nights out. I can’t exactly come home and have a chicken nugget party by myself can I? You are forced to lie down in a quiet, dark house and listening to your ear buzzing until you fall asleep.
  5. You’re not really “at home”….. Β Half your stuff is in boxes or stored away for your move to your next student house, especially that one nice top you want to wear.
  6. Night times… At uni it feels perfectly normal to be wide awake at 1am watching the SAW film back to back with your flatmates, Family household’s go to sleep so early.
  7. The heartbreak of still paying bills and rent for you uni house when you moved out in May. Need I say more? RIP bank account.
  8. Student finance. The summer split’s people of my age into 2, those who have a job that they can come back to in summer… and those that don’t. So basically you either always working, or always complaining you have no money, there’s no in-between.
  9. One night stands… Personally, this isn’t an issue for me (big up the BF life) but what do people do? Do you bring them round and hide them away or just introduce them to your mum and have a cuppa to chat about your night?
  10. Friends. Even though it’s only a couple of weeks you end up missing all your university housemates/friends because your friends are too busy working or visiting their uni friends.

But overall we know it’s nice to be home for a while and enjoy all time with the family. Happy Easter everyone

T x