The (not so) good, the bad and the ugly..

The (not so) good, the bad and the ugly..

SO today’s post is something that you don’t really see talked about on blogs a lot….. COLD SORES. These little buggers aren’t on most people hot topics but can be the bane of some people’s lives.

They aren’t pretty, not only are they something you can’t really hide, they can actually be really uncomfortable. For those of you who have never had one (lucky you) you may not be aware of what they are, what causes them or be unsure whether to believe some of the myths you may have heard.

So the common cold sore is caused by the Herpes virus (not the strain you get down there) and can be caught very easily through contact with others who have a cold sore, including on towels etc.  and pretty much anybody can get infected. The virus stays in your body and can cause the cold sore if your immune system becomes compromised, even the simplest cold can trigger them. They can also be triggered by stress and things like the weather.

Post-face ruining scab, people can experience tingling and itchiness (which is worse because touching it only helps spread it), blisters break out and when they eventually burst it scabs over. This can turn into a horrible vicious cycle of scratching of the scab only for it to scab again, until eventually your skin heals. Symptoms can range from a couple of days to an ugly couple of  weeks.

My top tips:

  • The creams you can buy aren’t a gimmick, an amazing drug called acyclovir found in most creams such as Zovirax is involved in some amazing science (my fave thing)  to help treat the outbreak however are pretty much only effective pre-scabbing stage. Other creams like toothpaste can be used during the blister as it helps to dry them out (similar to when you use it for spots)
  • Try not to let it make you feel too self-conscious! Ignorant people who may stare or ask you what is, purely because they don’t understand. Just as a person can’t help getting spots, a cold sore is only a temporary inconvenience that you can’t prevent.
  • Try not to cover it. Whacking loads of concealer on top of a cold sore can be so tempting but honestly leaving it exposed will help it heal so much better plus if you use makeup brushes or sponges with foundation/concealer you may spread the cold sore further.
  • Treating a cold sore early is vital. I’ve heard from so many people to apply a cold wet tea bag as soon as you feel a tingling (not sure why this helps) but I’ve done it before and it was a miracle. Give it a try next time!
  • Be mindful of others. As you’d expect kissing is kind of off the cards for a while, but you have to be mindful of other things like sharing straws, towels and bedding.


T x

5 festival trends for this summer

5 festival trends for this summer

Hello all! Hope everyone is well and enjoying this rare bit of English Summer. I am currently suffering from post-festival blues after having an amazing time at the Electrical Daisy Carnival in Milton Keynes last weekend and decided to do a post about the trends I saw there and I’m sure will be present at more festivals this summer!

  1. Glitter roots…. big up the girls who just CBA to keep
    I’m not quite sure who this girl on the left was but she looked pretty sick in her buns.

    up with ever-growing roots so why not just cover them in glitter? Genius

  2. Space buns…long gone are the days of bothering with brushing hair at festivals and having it in your face, everywhere I looked, cleverly, girls everywhere have simply scrunched up their hair into double space buns, why not?
  3. One pieces…. who needs uncomfortable denim shorts? just go with a simpler (and comfier, may I add) playsuit plus less clothes to pack! Or if you’re a crazy fancy dresser at festivals, a onesie works just the same.
  4. Glitter facepaint…. face paint dots are so last season. Now it’s all about highlighting the f*** out of your face with glitter.
  5. Flower headbands…. now come on, did you really thing these classics was ever going to go out of fashion? I think not.

What festivals are you all going to? Will you be braving the glitter roots?


T x



At EDC with my friends
Why I won’t be buying a Bullet Journal

Why I won’t be buying a Bullet Journal

Hi everyone, hope all is well, I’m currently procrastinating from revision but ah well. This post is about the increasingly popular Bullet Journals that are sweeping across the Blogger community. If you haven’t heard of the trend, it’s basically the idea of keeping a reaalllyyy detailed journal based on certain themes and organisational systems.

I have been delving into the world of all you Vloggers (even though I’d NEVER be confident enough to do that king of things myself, thanks to my manly voice and un-photogenic face- I’ll stick to typing) however I’ve been enjoying watching loads of your videos  and I’ve noticed the sheer amount of the Bullet Journal videos.

Now, my opinion may be completely invalid here, as a serial hoarder and unbelievably disorganised person, but I am gonna post it anyway *insert sass emoji*. I can appreciate the amount of time and effort the users have put into their journals and, honestly it’s like art with all the different titles and colours.The main reason why I haven’t included any examples of bloggers’ bullet journals is so I don’t offend anyone or devalue the work bloggers have put into their intricate planners. However, personally (without meaning to offended anyone)…. I just.don’

The different sections recommended for these journals are task lists, day by day logs,  future month planners, finance planners, goals and aspirations (and so many more) plus an in-depth key system but, to me, these just seem very unnecessary and useless.  I understand the importance of a planner ( holiday dates and to do lists are my basics) but the over-complications that this scheme presents for a simple task such as remembering to call someone ( which MUST be in a specific section and keyed with a specific symbol) just seems pointless. I don’t understand the need to write down the plan for a single day (obviously trip itineraries and stuff are exceptions- planning is good) but honestly, who needs note of what they have done in a days? If I was to keep a journey, I would just have several “Netflix and Chill” days planned for the week ahead ( such an exciting life!).

Furthermore, the prettiness and variety presented by these journals (although an adorable idea) make me people seem absolutely obsessed with making it look perfect. I’ve seen whole pages ripped out or things being stuck down to cover mistakes, as if people are ashamed to make god forbid  a spelling error and all for what? The sake of a pretty looking page? I know some people love their work etc. to look nice but this seems so unnecessary and almost obsessive to me.

Maybe I don’t understand this kind of thing as it’s something severely lacking in my  extremely disorganised life and maybe I NEED this level of organisation to help my blog take off. Hats off to anyone out there who has the time/patience for these journals but I don’t think i will be starting a bulelt journal of my own any time soon.

T x


Things I’ve learnt since joining the gym

Things I’ve learnt since joining the gym

Hey everyone,

For those of you who know me or have read my I’m Not Fat blog post you’d know I am a massive novice  at this “gym” thing. I joined in September but have been working a  lot harder more recently as I prepare for my 7 day hike hahahaha help me along the Great Wall of China, plus i love the general satisfaction in trying to look and feel fab. My relationship with the gym has been as on and off as Robin and Ted from How I Met Your Mother (PS NO SPOILERS I’M ON THE LAST SERIES), but I finally am getting in the rhythm of things, with lots of help from my sporty house mates (shout out to Ben, Grandad and Chris!) and the lovely gym, Fit4less in Hatfield (best staff around!). There are many things I have learnt along the way, here are a few:

  1. Gym clothes are hella cute. As my weekly attendance at the gym increases , so does my cute gym attire collection (naturally) and living next to a Nike Outlet store really giphy.gifisn’t helping. I mean, 6 different coloured sports bras (with matching leggings) are a NECESSITY, right?
  2. It doesn’t matter how silly you look in the gym (there’s probably someone looking sillier). I have experienced falling off the treadmill…I was mortified but then I looked around and nobody had even noticed.
  3. Not only is it physically rewarding, but the Bounts app that I have recently found, gives you points for checking in at the gym and when you complete a certain amount of steps/ exercises a day. Points means prizes (in the form of high street vouchers) and I am a sucker for free stuff. Another gym trip anyone?
  4. Quality over quantity. Over the past few weeks I have had to learn a lot of things, particularly for things like squatting (there’s a lot more to it than you think)- back position , leg angels  angles, not everybody gets it right. In fact, a lot of the big bulky scary men you may see in gym probably haven’t  perfected some of the techniques and may be putting unnecessary strain on other parts of the body. Knowing that you are using your body properly, even if it isn’t the deepest/fastest/strongest, is important.
  5. Nobody has to know what your motivation music consists of. My power playlist consists of some classic Kesha, Bon Jovi and the Pussycat dolls. Just remember to resist singing out loud.
  6. Selfies to track your progress are great for motivation but maybe when you get home. There is nothing more awkward than spotting someone taking selfies in the gym mirrors.
  7. You will hurt. The day after leg day, you WILL walk like a duck.. but in a good way. Pain in muscles is a sign you’ve worked hard, even if you do have to take three a single day rest day afterwards.giphy.gif
  8. The world of fitness nutrition is massive and expensive, if you want to try things like Pre-work outs, or Protein shakes, do your research, there a lot of factors to consider such as when they should be consumed and their different affects. My overall opinion is that they all taste like dirt but can be helpful in helping to reach a goal.
  9. There is nothing worse than someone who cannot attend the gym without letting people know about it, work hard for yourself not your 5,000 500 Instagram followers. Plus seeing other people and their fab abs makes me insanely jealous , please stop and post some potato-resembling photos like the rest of us, thanks.

What’s your fitness faux pas?

T x

Things I’ve learnt about clubbing.

Things I’ve learnt about clubbing.

Hey all,

Since turning 18 I’ve been to a fair few clubs, from Leeds to London and believe me, in my time I have seen a lot. Here at my top ten lessons in clubbing:

  1. Nightclub photographers are hired by satan to make the memory of your messy night last forever. But they are always fun to make friends with..
Having a great time with the photographer at Jellybabys Coventry
  • Jager bombs have, and always will be, a good idea.
  • Absinthe shots aren’t and never will be one.
  • Go and see all the acts at your student union, you never realise how much of a good time Cascada can give you until you’ve lived it.
FYI- best night ever!! He played a remix of frozen.
  • No matter how fancy you are dressed, it is impossible to stay classy whilst being on some boys shoulders. Believe me.. you will do it regardless
  • VKs are life- enough to keep you going when you’ve already spent £30 on Jagers.


  • You’d think going out on nights out with my boyfriend and 4 other boy housemates, would make me a boy repellent  but they will still try. Pretending to be too drunk to string a sentence together, pretending to be a lesbian, forcing the boy to partake in a dance off… just some of the many inventive ways to make it obvious that you aren’t out to pull
My finest rejection caught on camera in SIN.
  • A drunken friend in the toilet is a true friend for life.
  • The aftermath after you get home from the club is the fun part. The ringing ears, the drunken snacks ( chicken nuggets anyone?!) and those who have to sleep by the toilet (sorry, Chris).


  • Everyone can shuffle when they’re drunk enough, (this is my drunken specialty).
  • A club having a cheese room is so wrong!!!(But so right)
Can anyone say “Squad Goals”?

Despite many a good night there’s still many things I have yet to experience….(Such as making it to 3am).

What’s your night out highlight?

T x



Hello all, welcome back to my blog! Hopefully this year I am going to start blogging some more again now that I have finally have a laptop. I have been laptop-less throughout December due you a certain milkshake incident.

This post is about Charm bracelets, more specifically Pandora. I always wanted a charm bracelet when I was younger but , embarrassingly, my wrists were always too thin for bracelets. Now, 16 years (and a few stone) later, I was blessed with a Pandora bracelet for Christmas 2014 from my boyfriend. Since, I have discovered the variety of charms available and what they can represent.

As I know all bloggers are nosey (like me) I thought I’d tell you about my charms and what they mean to me. Although it may not be the symmetrical, colour coordinated sets of charms you see in the adverts, each one has their own meaning to me.


The first charm I received, at the same time I received the bracelet, was a diamond dangly12546228_1288841397808827_1263563780_o heart. Diamonds, Hearts, expensive jewellery… he pretty much hit the nail on the head with this christmas present.




Next, just a month later, for our anniversary, Ben got me my next charm (you can surely see the trend here). As an avid tea drinker ( we are talking 6 cups a day), a teacup charm seemed very fitting and was adorable.


Next might sound a bit weird. I was going through a stage of really12562648_1288841371142163_2015542736_o wanting a tattoo. Somewhere in my mind I decided if I bought a rose charm I wouldn’t want the tattoo anymore (which was actually a pretty poor excuse to spend more money). Now, I’ve got the charm on the bracelet, and here I am with a rose tattoo.


12528748_1288841387808828_276476573_oFor my first year exams my parents bought me this our leaf clover charm when they went on holiday ( Pandora jewellery is great to buy in duty free
shops abroad!) and ever I need some luck I think of it.





As a Disney obsessive, this Minnie Mouse charm for my birthday (once again thanks to Ben) was the cutest surprise and made my bracelet a million times cuter.



12546175_1288841424475491_715188917_oOn my trip to Amsterdam with my housemates (big up Bishop’s close) I got this bicycle charm, the best souvenir without a cannabis symbol on it, from the city.






Last but not least for Christmas my parents got me this little bear, I love that it adds a bit of colour to my charm collection.



All these charms have been bought from the Official Pandora Store, as there are a few dodgy knock offs around.

I have bought bracelets as presents and I love the idea that everyone can have their own unique collection of charms with memories attached to them. Do you have any favourites of your own charms?

T x



ASMR- a non-contact brain massage

ASMR- a non-contact brain massage

Hello all, I apologise for lack of posts this summer but I have just been super busy.Today’s post is about Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, otherwise known as ASMR. Despite it’s scientific name, it is actually a phenomenon based on tingles, a sensation felt in the peripheral senses in the head or back, in response to a stimulus which can be sound, touch or visual. If you’ve ever used a head massager and experienced a “brain orgasm” (as it was known as before it had a scientific name) you may have experienced ASMR.

My favourite ASMRer Fairy Char ASMR

I came across ASMR on youtube as I looked for makeup tutorals online (something I find myself doing more often than I would like to admit) and clicked on one with ASMR in the title. At first I was confused by the soft speech of the youtuber and just thought it was a quiet microphone but as I watched I felt very relaxed and realised for many years I had watched tutorials of woman applying make up not only for the cosmetic knowledge (although I have picked up a lot throughout the years) but I was relaxed by the woman’s voices and the thought of somebody applying make-up to my face (something which I have always found extremely relaxing).As I began to click through ASMR videos and believe me when I say there are hundreds, I realised this was something I would benefit from. Since then, when I am particularly stressed or struggle to sleep, I put my earphones in and fall asleep to one of the videos.

The videos across the internet vary in theme largely with many being based on roleplay eg visiting a spa or having an ear test. By basing the scenarios in everyday situations the videos aim to relieve anxiety should an anxiety sufferer come across these situations but personally I like the spa/makeup ones.

Although, as can be seen by the view count on the videos that is an upcoming phenomenon that is becoming more and more popular, ASMR has no scientific proof but has been used for relaxation techniques for many sufferers of panic attacks and anxiety.

Have a watch of some of the videos and let me know what you think,

T x

I am not fat. The start of my fitness journey

I am not fat. The start of my fitness journey

A bit about me

I am not fat… In fact ever since I can remember I’ve been the “skinny girl”. I’d be the girl that mothers would tell ” you need to eat a few cheeseburgers girl” (BTW if you ever tell people things like that please don’t, it’s just as offensive as calling somebody fat.) I believe there is a misconception in society that skinny is healthy… but I am living proof that this is not true.

The infamous chicken legs

It’s never been a problem, nobody really notices if your school trousers are a bit baggy, but since hitting my teen years it has becomes noticeable, mostly in my health and general body type, my chicken legs have always been my most hated body part.Because of my stature I’ve never been a sporty type. If people were to see a skinny girl in a gym they assume she wants to lose weight and may have some sort of body image problem. I’ve even had professionals tell me that I was anorexic due to my BMI, which I am far from, infact most people would agree that I eat more than the average person( I mostly put this down to my high basal metabolic rate). Just this week alone I have eaten out 4 times.. Lucky I know .. but these included Macdonalds, Mexican food, Chinese and a dirty hungover fry up…and now I feel rubbish and groggy.

I don’t mind how I look, obviously I can be considered lucky to be how I am when others struggle to lose weight and hate their body but recently I have been feeling pretty low about my fitness which is pretty much non-existent- my therapist flatmates are shocked by how little muscle tone I actually have. Most of my friend do at least one sport and I am pretty much the lazy one which is a funny joke for a while but when I look back is pretty bad. Recently I realised how my bad lifestyle has affected my health, I feel sluggish and lack energy pretty much all the time and my fitness is beyond shocking ( we are talking asthma attack if I run up the stairs bad!).

For years I have excused my lack of exercise with my fears of being judged, my asthma and my joints ( I have hyper-mobile ankles which can be really painful when I attempt to run) but now, as I reach crucial stages of my life (eg becoming independent at Uni) it’s time to accept the fact that these are excuses and I am infact just lazy.

I am planning to try and make some small improvements to help me take my first steps to being a healthier and happier me by setting  myself some weekly goals.

My goals for this week are to:

  1. research some local pay as you go fitness sessions
  2. NOT eat in another restaurant
  3. try and eat my 5 a day
  4. No crisps 😦

If anybody is reading this ( if not, hi future me and thanks for being my only reader) feel free to join me on this new journey and let me know if you have any good tips for easy at-home exercises for muscle tonality and some healthy easy-to-make lunch choices?

T x

Friends ( and not just Joey, Ross, Phoebe, Rachel, Monica and Chandler)

Friends ( and not just Joey, Ross, Phoebe, Rachel, Monica and Chandler)

Hello all, hope you’re all well! Today’s post is a little bit different from usual, I’m taking about friendships..

Before heading off to university I’m sure every single person used the term “we’ll definitely keep in contact”, with full intentions of keeping such promises. As I finish off my first year of university I look back and realise how quickly, although unintentionally, the breaking of such bold statements can happen. 3am deep chats about everything and anything become once-a-monthly conversations, reminiscent of the old MSN conversations beginning and ending with “what have you been up to?”.

At first I was devastated, the friends I had been so close with seemed so far away. It’s not that I wanted to stop being friends but life had gotten in the way. And even now, I see old pictures and get teary eyes but  I have learnt to look back and accept that as your life changes so do the people closest to you, an idea that my parents have always tried to drill into me (after moving halfway across the country when I was 12).

I’m sure friendship’s drifting apart is more common than people think, it happens in the blink of an eye without a second thought, although it can be sad, memories are never forgotten and the loss of certain friends make way for an array of new friends in the future. This time a year ago I was comfortable in my friendship group and held onto the hope that it would never change, but now I kind of find it exciting to be unaware of how different my life will be in a few years time..who knows which wacky friends I will end up with?


The protein world fiasco

The protein world fiasco

CaptureI am taking my time off revision (which BTW, is going very badly) to rant about something that has really pissed me off. After reading the post by Lottiethinks which highlights everything wrong with this situation I decided to rant. As anybody on twitter may have noticed, the latest trend has been the defacing and graffiti of the Protein World campaign for a “beach ready body” and has lead to the protests and petitions for the fitness company to remove their adverts, branding it “body shaming”.

As one of millions of teenage girls who relies upon the media to set the standards of societies expectations of women, I can only agree that this advert not only sets unrealistic standards for Women’s body (although the model herself has claimed that she has a healthy diet and agrees that people should accept their own body) but shames those who don’t already look that way. I did believe that we were finally reaching a milestone in society, in terms of body image acceptance and it’ great seeing so many people passionate about this petition.

However what I believe to be more distressing is the manor in which the company has responded to it’s opposers . The twitter page for the company (@ProteinWorld) and it’s supporters  have backlashed, naming the disapproval #FATACCEPTANCE claiming that people who do not agree with the campaighn must, themselves be unfit and overweight. Personally, I categorise under the  “underweight” category at the GP surgery (yes, I am one of those annoying people with a fast metabolism, sorry!) and may look more similar, physically, to the campaign model than I’d like to admit, but here I am, as angry as any decent feminist about these comments, because body acceptance isn’t about one body type, surely that’s the point? By retweeting tweets such as that below, the company has chosen not to just shame those that oppose the body image they has chosen to idolise ,but to target feminists in general, this I believe to be a step too far.Capture1

What’s more, the company have chosen to retweet and comment, mocking protesters by thanking them for extra publicity ( if you’re reading this and STILL would like to try their products , go ahead but I wouldn’t by any means say that these protests have put the company under a “good” spotlight).

I believe that the company itself (although having gone about it the wrong way) are not to blame for this backlash. This is a wider issue of society having reached a point were people HAVE began to accept everybody’s bodies ( only recently has their been news of new Plus size models hitting the runway) but the media and archaic idiots are refusing to move with the ever-changing society, have regressed us back to where we began.

What do you think?

T x