Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

So we are 5 days in, so far I haven’t cried once, have eaten at least one salad and have listened to the Greatest Showman soundtrack 138563 times. Not a bad start eh?

So 2017 was crap, I don’t know about you but I faced challenges that I never thought I’d have to and at times my strength was really tested and I began to lose myself. Β I’m not going to bore you with the details of all the negative things that happened, and I’m sure many people had it much worse, but let’s just say this year could only be up from there.

I’ve never been a big “new year, new me” zombie but this year I feel a bit different, like the stars have all aligned waiting for me to make a big change, maybe it’s real and it’s this is the year I magically turn into the adult Tamsin that everyone expects me to be or maybe it’s just all the cheese I ate over ChristmasΒ repeating on me. Either way, this new found motivation to make a positive change of myself hasn’t gone amiss, it’s time to get back to a routine that I so badly fell out of towards the end of the year, get back into doing the things I love and stop putting off going to the god-damn gym.

It helps to be entering this year surrounded by supportive loved ones and friends and leaving behind the nobodies (to put it nicely) of last year. That’s probably my take-home message from the horrible experience we call 2017; live life for what really matters. I spent so much of time worrying about people and situations that I had no control of and losing focus of what really mattered.

It wasn’t all bad, in 2017 I visited the beautiful city of Galway, Ireland, landed my dream placement which will lead me to my desired career, gaining a lot of confidence in my driving and realising who I do and don’t need in my life.

SO here’s to the many drunken nights, tears and tantrums of 2017, you definitely won’t be missed but here’s also to a productive, happy new year full of love joy and (hopefully) more cheese.

T x