Hello all! Now deadline season is over I can  get back to blogging a bit more!

Just before christmas my Birchbox Subscription ended and I’ve had an empty void in my heart for monthly beauty gifts. Thanks to a discount code I decided to give a new subscription with Love me Beauty. The difference with this Beauty box is that you get to choose what’s in them as opposed to most other boxes which I love, I cannot tell you how many time’s I’ve opened a box and been disappointed with pointless body lotions that get thrown in the pile.

Each month you get 60 credits (with the option of buying more) and get to choose from a  choice of beauty items and accessories, facial and body care or jewellery (which is also a nice edition to a beauty box).

For my first box I chose:

  • 12767539_10153524351104891_1246497982_n-2Front and back earrings (10 credits)
  • Eyelash curlers (20 credits)
  • Facial Oil (10 credits)
  • A bronze eyeliner (10 credits)
  • aromatherapy body wash (10 credits)


I loved the box as I knew it was things I wanted especially the earrings and the facial oil, something which I’ve never really tried. The only thing I was disappointed with was the eyeliner as it doesn’t really smudge, goodbye bronze goddess  smokey eye :(. However is a very cute substitute for a solid black eyeliner on days where I fancy something a bit different and I am confident it won’t budge all day.

A week after I ordered my box the options on the boutique changed to different options with some gorgeous liquid lipsticks, so next month I may delay my choices to see the very best stuff they have to offer.

If anybody wants to try Love Me Beauty, use the  code TAMSI577 at the checkout to get £21 worth of credits!

PS It’s my blog-iversary, thanks out there for reading for a whole year!

Which beauty box is your favourite?

T x


The next Clarisonic cleanser?

The next Clarisonic cleanser?

Every beauty blogger would say if they won the lottery, they would buy the (nearly £100) Clarisonic face cleanser.I decided to attempt to try the New No7  one.(yes, IMAG0396 (1)another Boots product, I should get commission for this- f.y.i I don’t 😦 )

My main issue is my pores, I have massive ones basically, on my nose and cheeks. The lovely No7 lady advised me that this would help, she said “Compare how much cleaner your teeth feel after you use an electric toothbrush, that’s how much this product will help”. £20 (with discount RRP “24.95) lighter and face toothbrush intact I had high hopes for this product.

IMAG0398 (2)The brush has two speed settings, the main difference between this and the Clarisonic brush is the fact that it is battery powered. Obviously that can be inconvenient but if this brush works for me, the £80 saving outweighs the cons!

I’ve now been using my brush for 4 weeks, alternating between three products , the perfect combination of brush and cleanser MUST exist right?

I have been impressed with this product, massively! It still hasn’t run out of battery with a use nearly everyday for 4 weeks! I am slowly seeing an affect on pores and am so pleased! I much prefer using this brush to filling a sink and splashing myself (and everything else in the process)

I was advised to change the heads in 3 months and as far as I am aware there are only one type of heads (unlike the Clarisonic) .IMAG0397But at a cheap price I am happy to continue using my cleanser.

A couple of BIG things to consider with this brush:

  • It ISN’T waterproof
  • It is very unuitable for dry skin- I used it on my forehead ( which is where  appear to experience my only dry skin patch and boyyyy was it a mistake)
  • There are 4 (yes, 4) warnings within the packaging to tell users to not put the device near the hairline- I guess in testing there was a lot of knots and tangles!

Overall I would recommend this product to anyone who asked as it can save you doller and does what it says on the packaging. Have you tried it?

T x

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet- skinmiso review

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet- skinmiso review

IMAG0307I am sick of scrolling through pages of rubbish on my facebook nowadays (why didn’t someone stop me from like a million facebook pages when i was 13?) however when i came across one post advertising Skinmiso blackhead remover kit i thought maybe i’d found something remotely interesting. I read up on a few reviews about the korean face kit( which consists of a 2 stage nose mask and “silky essence”), there were many good reviews with step to step how-to-use guides .I searched and found it to be quite cheap on ebay and ordered myself it.Please don’t remind me how much of a bad student I am – I already know 😦

IMAG0309 (1)
I scared a few flatmates in the process.

It arrived surprisingly quickly and although all the instructions were in Korean (how annoying)I was very excited to try it, for around £15 I received 4 of both stages a tube of the silky essence as well as a free sample of BB’s all-in-one cleanser which was nice. In all the reviews I’d read people had said that after the first nose mask,which you leave on for ten minutes I should see the sebum come out of any bleak heads (gross, I know) and you should be to remove it with an ear bud(which I believed was meant to come in the kit) or the Skinmiso black head remover which could be bought separately however I haven’t really noticed anything like that, just a sticky nose from such a sticky strip.The probably only good thing about the kit is the silky essence that it includes, it has the consistency of a primer and blurs out skin similarly to the popular Porefessional by Benefit which i will probably use under my make up for a while as it is a decent size tube.

I am now on my 4th week of the treatment but am not very impressed in terms of any long term reduction in black head appearence and still have what some call a “strawberry nose”:(

If anybody knows of any good products to help relieves the little buggers I’d love to hear from you!

T x

Sensational Sensationail kit (see what i did there?)

Sensational Sensationail kit (see what i did there?)

As some41TZHwGCkmL._SY450_one who has had my nails done professionally a few times the thought of doing gel nails at home was a bit scar but after receiving the sensational starter kit including LED lamp for christmas ( half price in Boots over the christmas period  coming out at about £50 but still on shelves and on amazon at about £100) it was goodbye to have chinese women ripping my nails off me.

In the kit came a gel cleanser, a primer, wipes , a cuticle stick, a nail buffer , a base/top coat, 2 colours ( a cheery colour and a baby pink), 2 nail glitters( as you can see in the picture i went a little bit glitter crazy but it’s optional) and the LED lamp.I am aware that some other k41j4n1matzLits only come with one colour  at around £70 and another refill kit for the potions is also available but this full kit was such a bargain!

As someone who is cack handed at nail painting at the best of times i was impressed by the kit immediately.The color goes on as smoothly as a normal nail polish and is set within just 60 seconds of being cured under the lamp.As for the longevity of the polish, mine didn’t chip or flake for at least 10 days , and for someone who works in retail that is a BIG deal.As for removal i have to admit (professionals cover your ears now!) i did peel them off and it did leave pretty cracked nails underneath but i am partly to blame. I’ve been told by colleagues ( we were all so excited when this offer came out at christmas) that it’s easier to just heat up normal nail polish remover and soak them so i promised my poor nails that this time i will try this.IMAG0212

Although the price is a big investment I’m finally a gel convert thanks to this kit and i am not sure i can ever switch back to normal nail polish.I am going to test normal nail colour with a layer of gel top coat to see how that lasts i will keep you updated!

For now i will keep rotating the 2 colours as new ones are a whopping £15 each! I have seen a few cheaper alternatives on amazon for merely £5 and i will see how this compare! If anybody has any good cheaper brands let    me know!

T x